Developing Countries Partnership (DCP) Scholarship




?The Government of Indonesia offers

To the students from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

A “Developing Countries Partnership (DCP) Scholarship”

For postgraduate (master degree)

In 13 prominent universities in Indonesia

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia herewith informs to those potential applicants from the Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands that the Ministry of Education and Culture in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of the Republic of Indonesia in the year 2015 will once again offer a 120 “Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) / Developing Countries Partnership (DCP) Scholarship” for postgraduate (master degree) in 13 prominent universities in Indonesia.

The objectives of the KNB/DCP Scholarship among others, to contribute in the human resources development in the developing countries; to promote deeper cultural understanding between developing countries; and to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between developing countries. The study program offered is differs between university.

Attached herewith the list of the universities, the study programs, period of study, learning process, as well as scholarship coverage.

The applicants to the KNB/DCP Scholarship are expected to derive from lecturers; lecturer candidates; government officials; and potential leaders with the maximum age are 35 years old; possess a bachelor degree; and have a TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent. The following procedures apply:

  1. Download the invitation letter posted on the KNB Scholarship website:; 
  2. Submit the invitation letter, passport or birth certificate, academic certificate, academic transcripts to the Indonesian Embassy to acquire the recommendation letter. Address: The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Kiroki Street, Sir John Giuse Drive, Sec. 410, Lot 1-2, Gordons 5, Boroko, NCD Port Moresby, and the email:; and/or;
  3. Complete the online application process, not later than April 15th 2015;
  4. Selection process, which will be conducted on the 1st week of May 2015;
  5. The selection results will be broadcast online at the KNB Scholarship website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network, on the 1st week of June 2015.

The selected students are expected to arrive in Jakarta by the end of August 2015; Orientation program will be organized in September 2015; and the Indonesian language course will commence in early September 2015.

The KNB/ DCP Scholarship covers:

  1. A settlement allowance of IDR 1,000,000 will be given to new students upon their arrival in Indonesia;
  2. While taking the Indonesian language course and preparatory programs, the new students will only receive a living allowance of IDR 2,350,000 per month;
  3. During the Master Program, the KNB/DCP students will receive a scheme of monthly allowance as detailed below: (a) Living allowance IDR 2,350,000; (b) A research allowance IDR 400,000; (c) Books allowance IDR350,000
  4. A health insurance with a maximum of IDR 2,000,000 monthly premium (in case of the cost of medical services exceeded to those covered by the health insurance, the difference should be borne by the student).
  5. A round-trip international airfare (economy class) from the international airport of the student’s home countries of Indonesia, including local transport to the host university;
  6. The scholarship will be provided for a maximum of 36 months (in case of early program completion, the scholarship will be stopped soon after the student set off for their home country);
  7. The scholarship scheme will only suffice to cover one person to living properly in most cities where the universities are located.

Port Moresby, 17th February 2015.