They are Talking about Indonesia!


Studying Indonesian
by: Natha R. Middlemas (first place winner)
br> Indonesian is one of my favourite subjects in high-school. There are few who say that learning another language just develops your knowledge and skills of the language, however, I don\'t agree. I believe that the most interesting and enjoyable thing about learning Indonesian is the opportunity to learn and understand Indonesia\'s culture.
br> Through my experiences in learning Indonesian, I got the opportunities to learn important points on the culture of Indonesia. I know that Indonesian food is my favourite, thanks to the class-lunch we had at an Indonesian restaurant. Through that, our class was taught about the different customs of Indonesian culture in restaurants and when you visit a friend\'s house. Even so, people don\'t always understand that learning customs is very important when learning another language; I believe that it\'s no use learning a foreign language without learning about the customs of the culture as well.
br> Other than learning that Indonesian food is now my favourite, studying Indonesian has shown me the finer points and aspects of Indonesian culture. Shadow-puppets (Wayang) is an aspect of Indonesian culture that I\'ve been waiting to have the opportunity to experience because I now know some of the main characters like Semar. Recently I\'ve learnt about the various Indonesian \'heroes\' such as Panji Manusia Milenium, and got to watch some of the television shows on Panji Manusia Milenium. By following the various aspects of Indonesian culture, students can develop an appreciation for the culture and at the same time, increase their skills in speaking the language.
br> Studying Indonesian has also made me more proficient in understanding my first language (English) by being able to compare the language structures. I believe that students should study at least one foreign language in high-school, more so, Indonesian. I say this because I believe that learning Indonesian is the best way to develop the relationship between Indonesia and Australia, because if Australians learn Indonesian, and Indonesian learn English, then we can better understand and communicate with each other. The relationship between Indonesia and Australia is very important, but recently has been hard to maintain.
br> In short, learning Indonesian is the best way to help support and develop Indonesia-Australia relationships, and through learning Indonesian, students can appreciate the culture and become more proficient in understanding their first languages. Because of this, I believe that students should learn a foreign language, and most importantly, Indonesian.
br> Indonesian - Australia Relations by: Daniel Thomas Williamson (third place winner) Relations between Australia and Indonesia started in the 1940s when Australia helped Indonesia against the Japanese in Timor. Since then, the relationship between the two nations has become a love-hate relationship.
br> There have been few positive incidents such as the tsunami on the 26th December 2004, where by Australia helped Indonesia financially. However, there have also been negative incidents like the Bali bombing that happened on the 11th October 2002, where 80 Australians lost their lives.
br> Firstly, how the terrible tsunami can be described as a positive point in the relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Australia often helps Indonesia with things such as food and finances but after the tsunami, almost 100 million dollars was promised by Australia to Indonesia. The promise from Australia help the Indonesian government to buy food so people did not die of starvation. The money was also used by the government for building new houses for the victims. This promise helped strengthen the relationships between our neighbouring nations.
br> Though there have been positives as a result of things such as the tsunami, there have also been negatives, like the result of the Bali bombing, four years ago. Many Australians like to holiday in Bali because when it\'s winter and rainy in Australia, the weather in Bali is hot and humid. This weather is perfect for holidaying because Australians can just relax at the beach or go shopping. However, on the 11th of October 2002, Australians stopped going to Bali because they feared for their own safety. This terrorist bombing happened at a popular night club, frequented by many Australians. As a result, 80 Australians died in the blast. After that, Bali\'s economy dropped from the lack of tourism, which Bali depended so much on. Australians boycotted Bali for a year because of fear from the terrorist bombing.
br> The relationship between Indonesia and Australia is a love-hate relationship. The two governments often help each other out, however they just as often shout at each other through the differences between cultures. Now Indonesians and Australians have to work together so we can strengthen our relationships. The governments have to educate the people about foreign cultures so everyone respects the other nation. I hope that Australia and Indonesia can create a lasting tight relationship in the future.