The Indonesia Language Expo 2008


The mission of the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth is to provide Indonesian language and culture education to enable Australians to interact effectively with Indonesians.The Institute will increase activities and facilitate bonds between individuals, business, communities and institutions in order to develop a more effective Indonesia-Australia relationship at all level and foster a positive attitude amongst Australian society towards Indonesia and its people.

This will be achieved through:
Promoting the teaching and learning of Indonesian throughout Western Australia and across Australia generally Providing access to language classes in Indonesia as a second language at a range of levels
Hosting and/or coordinating Indonesian cultural/ language events throughout WA, both in the city and regional areas
Supporting a range of activities which foster cross cultural link amongst individuals, groups and

The Language Expo 2008
In the chain of the Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth’s launching, we gladly present you a Bahasa Indonesia Language Expo on 24 Mei 2008 at 11.00am at the Consulate of Indonesia, 134 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, which has been planed for quite a time. The aim of this expo is to introduce more about Bahasa Indonesia and how fun and interesting to learn Bahasa Indonesia, especially in the multicultural era at the moment and in the future. The participants are: The Indonesian Consulate, WILTA, ACICIS of Murdoch University, Osh5One Indonesian Restaurant, Indowisata, Jamu Spa Traditional.
We are looking forward to have you join us to be patrons as well as students.

Winter 2008 Classes
Subject to minimum numbers of participant, these are some initial classes that will be start on July 28th, 2008 :
  1. Survival Indonesians, Two hours per meeting in eight weeks
  2. Beginner, Two hours per meeting in eight weeks
  3. Intermediate, Two hours per meeting in eight weeks
  4. Advance Conversation, 90 minutes per meeting in eight weeks
For further information contact: Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth
Karen Bailey (Coordinator Steering Committee),
Ricky Suhendar (Committee member),
The Balai Bahasa is planning ongoing community activities and events including Indonesian language courses for all ages and levels, for professional and non-professional groups, businesses and individuals. Other activities include exhibitions and the distribution of information and materials concerned with Indonesian language and culture. The Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth will initially be located within the Indonesian Consulate, 134 Adelaide Terrace Perth. It is hoped that as the Organisation grows an appropriate location with small, modern classrooms and other facilities can be found. The steering committee is currently seeking ongoing corporate sponsorship to enable the Balai Bahasa in Perth to achieve its objectives and provide a unique and worthwhile service within the community.For all your Indonesian languages and culture needs: Languages courses, Expo/ exhibitions, Cultural events. Contact: Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth,