Diversity in Music, and Indonesia has it all: Jaya Suprana


Perth - Western Australia - Jaya Suprana along with his group, The Punakawan Kwartet, has outshined the fact of the richness of Indonesian music through a concert which was held by the Indonesian Consulate at Penrhos College on 12th May. Through this concert, the Punawakan magnificently showed a combination of traditional songs together with a touch of modernistic and contemporary instruments. Stunned more than 500 spectators who attended this event.

"If Brazil have Samba, America have R&B, then Indonesia have Dangdut" says Jaya who made the audience laughed all night.

Jaya, who is a doctor of music from Musikhochschule Muenster dan Folkwanghochschule Essen in Germany, academically yet entertainingly told stories of music influence attaching different kind of music from several regions.

"We'll start from the very west of Indonesia, Aceh, which surprisingly become famous because of Tsunami," tells Jaya along with the laughs from the audience. "From Aceh, we\'ll sing Bungo Jeumpa"

Bungo Jeumpa, said Jaya, was influenced by Middle-Eastern music with strong Islamic Middle-Eastern melody. After Aceh, the Punakawan played Yamko Rambe Yamko which originally from Papua.

Some other songs the Punakawan played were traditional songs from Sumatra, which according to the Punakawan is influenced by Blues music. Sunda songs was also played proved the evidence of influential music of Japan.

"It's either Sunda is influenced by Japan or otherwise Japan is influenced by Sunda," says Jaya followed by the laugh of audiences. In fact, the Japanese Deputi Consul General was among the VIP guests.

Songs from Semarang (Gambang Semarang, Jakarta (Jali-Jali), Surabaya (Rek Ayo Rek) are heavily influenced by China music.

During the last part of the show, the Punakawan performed Ismail Marzuki's songs which are less known by some people. "Ismail Marzuki's songs are not great, but also not bad. They're beautiful," explains Jaya. Jaya admitted himself as Ismail Marzuki's fan. Some of Ismail's songs which were well-known were oleh-oleh bandung and halo-halo Bandung made the audience sang along.

"It's more than just a music concert. It's education, entertainment, humor, classic, jazz, blues, dangdut. keroncong, all mix in on stage," says one of the audiences.

The Punakawan was found by Jaya Suprana in 2005 and have been going around the world to perform a music concert. The group members are Jaya Suprana (Piano), Heru Kusnadi (Bass), Jubing Kristianto (Guitar) and Junaedi Musliman (Percussion/drum).

The Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia would like to thank all the performers that have been great tonight. Especially, The Phillia Philharmonic Choir and crew, who performed a very religious and excellent choir.

Also, not forgetting the sponsor Garuda Indonesia and the GM Garuda Indonesia Mr Iskandar Basro. Honorable guests from RASWA Mr Ivan Solomon and Hon Bob Kuchera MLA. (photos and text by: syahrani/KRI Perth)