Resepsi Diplomatik KJRI Penang Dalam Ranka Merayakan HUT Ke-73 RI

Indonesia held its 73rd commemoration of Independence Day Reception Dinner at G Hotel Gurney on 20th August 2018. The independence day fall on 17th August 1945.
The reception dinner was attended by the Chief Minister, YAB Chow Kon Yeow, also Exco YB Afif Bahardin, and Setiausaha Kerajaan Dato’ Seri Farizan Bin Darus.
Consul General of China, Consul General of Japan, and acting Consul General of Thailand were present, as well as Honorary Consuls in Penang.
The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia presents traditional dance from West Sumatra in this year reception dinner.
Tari Piring is a dance that symbolizes West Sumatra that is famous with its cuisine. It demonstrates the skill of the dancers that manage balance and to move the ceram​ics plate swiftly without dropping or breaking the plates.
And then there was Tari Indang which is a style of dance that expresses the religious message of Islam. The dance movements are dynamic accompanied with clapping and hand crossing with other dancers which follow the pace of the song.
Indonesian specialties were served in the reception. Indonesian cuisine such as sate, soto ayam, pempek, sosis solo, lupis and wingko were enjoyed by the guests.
The Consulate also presents Indonesian original coffee of Mandailing from Si Tigun, and Jamu from Nona Bali Restaurant.