Situasi Politik

One of Asia Pacific’s most vibrant democracies that has maintained political stability…” (The World Bank, 2013)

Underlying Indonesia’s vibrant economy is political stability.  A decade ago, many analysts envisaged that certain break-away provinces would bring about Indonesia’s “balkanization”.  In 2001, Indonesia embarked on an ambitious and challenging decentralization effort.  While it has been challenging journey, today Indonesia is one of the most decentralized countries in the world with substantial funds and authorities devolved to the regions.

Significantly, Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia that has bucked the trend of a democracy in trouble. Democracy is blossoming in a country that was once ruled with an iron hand for 30 years. Indonesia has gracefully transformed from an authoritarian state to a regional role model. Wallpapers World Of Warcraft

For a third time in a row, Indonesia completed another round of peaceful and successful legislative and presidential elections. Indonesia is going to hold general elections this year 2014. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, now in his second term. The government will work extra hard to maintain political stability ahead of the general elections, so that the possible escalation of political tensions does not effect business.​