Speech H.E. Moenir Ari Aoenanda at The Opening of The Indonesian Cultural Performance




Assalamu Alaikum W.W.

  • Yang Terhormat  Bapak Drs. Daulat Daniel Sinulingga, Bupati  Kabupaten Karo,
  • Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Fauzi Naim, Ketua JBC Malaysia,
  • Excellencies  Consuls General, Consuls and Honorary Consuls,
  • Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlements,
Good Evening, Salam Sejahtera Buat Kita Semua,
  1. First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your kindly presence this evening fulfilling the Indonesian Consulate General‘s invitation for a buffet dinner in conjunction of the Indonesian Cultural Performance and Bussiness Gathering.
  2. This evening, there will be cultural performance from the Karo Regency and the City of Medan both are representing the Province of North Sumatera.
  3. As we all known that since quite a sometime ago between Penang City and Medan has been linked in sister cities relationship,
  4. And now between State of Penang and North Sumatera Province is in the process of nurturing a sister provinces.
  5. This evening cultural performance and business gathering is in the spirit of these relationships.
  6. Presence among us as well this evening, some businessmen from from  City of Medan and Karo Regency.
  7. Through this evening encounter between the businessmen from Penang and North Sumatera, I hope that it will be enable them to see each other, to understand each other and furthermore creating business networking together, connecting the Northern part of Malaysian Peninsula and North Sumatera Province.
  8. Penang and North Sumatera geographically is very close and in term of products it has been complimentarity. Some agricultural products from North Sumatera has been exported to Penang and vice versa some Malaysian products from Penang has been exported in North Sumatera.
  9. Linkage between Penang and North Sumatera is so close. There are already between 8-9 flights from Penang to Medan and Medan to Penang daily.
  10. Karo Regency is in fact not too far from Medan. It is about 65 km.
  11. Its potentials in agriculture and tourism is indeed marvelous.
  12. The Karo Regency’s contribution in agricultural sector to Gross Regional Domestic Products is relatively high about 59,58 pct.
  13. Some commodities which are produced from this region  among others :
  14. - Corn,
    - Potatoes and Sweet Potato,
    - Coffee,
    - Orange,
    - Cabbages & Chinese Cabbages,
    - Carrot & White Carrot,
    - Chili,
    - Tomatoes,
    - Flowers,
    - Spinach,
    - Candle Nut,
    - Cacao,
    - Livestock etc.
  15. Tourisms is also very potentials in Karo Regency.
  16. There will be special presentation on the potentials of Karo Regency by Bapak Ir. Makmur Ginting.
  17. In more wider context, Penang and Nortern Sumatera located in the IMT-GT Sub Region, in which I believe that there will be bright future  for the economic and trade integration.
  18. The active involvement of private sectors in this sub regional integration is indeed very important for the success of the integration.
  19. So far the private sectors has been considered as “the Engine of Growth.“
  20. I believe that this evening gathering is part of the effort in making the role of private sectors especially bussinesmen more meaningful in process of  sub-regional integration.
  21. At the end, of course, we are all looking forward to the future prosperity and well being of the people in this region as whole.
  22. Thank you very much . Enjoy evening.    
Wassalamu Alaikum w.w.