Speech By H.E. Moenir Ari Soenanda, Consul General Of Indonesia At The Opening Of South Sumatera Investment, Art And Cultural Exhibition, New World Park Penang


14 MARCH 2009
Assalumualaikum W.W.
Yang Amat Berhormat, Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister,
Yang Kami Hormati Bapak Alex Nurdin, Gubernur Sumatera Selatan,
Bapak Eddy Santana Putra, Walikota Palembang,
H.E. Hoshi, Consul General of Japan,
H.E. Manopchai, Consul General of Thailand,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlement.
It is indeed a great honour for the Indonesian Consulate General in Penang to be able to co-host the South Sumatera Investment, Art and Culture Exhibition. The Exhibition is initiated by the Provincial Government of South Sumatera and the Indonesian Consulate General in cooperation with the New World Park, Penang.
I would like to convey my gratitute to Bapak Gubernur South Sumatera for sponsoring this event and choosing Penang as one of the targets for tourism and investment promotion of South Sumatera. I do hope that the exhibition will be successful at the end and be able to trigger more tourism and investment from Penang  to South Sumatera. The choice for Penang as a venue of the exhibition is really appropriate and reasonable since Penang is very potentials and has big advantages in term of economic advancement and the  high level of GDP.
Penang  is one of the largest economy amongst the states of Malaysia.. Manufacturing is the most important component of the Penang economy, contributing significantly to the State's GDP. Penang is highly industrialised with high-tech. Penang is also center for ICT and a hub for international trades connecting all points of the world. George Town, capital of Penang is an international city and among the top ten locations in Asia where European expatriates prefer to work and live. 
Other important sectors of Penang's economy is to include tourism, finance, shipping and other services.  Penang has positioned itself as a logistic hub and international gateway for tourists, high-tech manufacturing, halal food  and much more.
With all that considerations, it is really high time for South Sumatera Provincial Government to tap and take advantages of the Penang economic advancement, hoping that the spill-over of the economic progress will be able to flow further to South Sumatera regions.  For that reasons, pro-active and aggressive promotion  is needed in order to be able to expose exhaustedly all potentials of South Sumatera in tourism, culture and investment sectors. If necessary , the South Sumatera Cultural Festival or Palembang Festival can be organized annually in Penang like what  is Japananese doing  through  successful Bong Odori  Annual Festival in Penang.
The efforts to link Penang and South Sumatera is also important for an easy access of the people and tourists from both regions. The access to South Sumatera from Penang and vice versa so far can only be reached  through Medan, Kualalumpur and Singapore which is having direct connections to Palembang, capital of South Sumatera.
The potentials of South Sumatera  in tourism and culture will be explored during the four days exhibition started today till 18th March in this marvelous place of the New World Park of Penang. There will be a special forum as well tonight in Hotel Royal, Penang in which South Sumatera Provincial Government or may be Bapak Gubernur himself will make presentation on all investment opportunities of its region in the front of  a number of prominent businessman and potential investors including Invest Penang.
The exhibition is really show of force from South Sumatera Province to ensure the Penang audiences that South Sumatera is indeed the best place for investment and tourism, enjoy the beautiful culture and hospitality of the people.
Thank you very much and enjoy the performance and exhibition.
Wassalamualaikum W.W.