Relations bilatérales entre Andorre et l'Indonésie


Diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Andorra was established on 26 March 1996 through a joint communique signed by each Heads of Representatives of the two countries in Paris, followed by a joint communique in each capital. ​The bilateral relations are focused on the field of economy, trade, transportation, culture and science. Although the on-going collaborations are still relatively minor, both countries hold many potentials, especially in economy (trade, finance, banking), cultural exchange, and tourism.​​​

In September 2017, Foreign Ministers of both countries, Mme. Maria Ubach Font and Mme. Retno Marsudi, held a ​​discussion on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. 


Economy: Investment

Foreign investment in Andorra is approximately 30.45 million Euro in 2015 (from Department of Statistic of Andorra), mainly in financial sector (24%), trading (15%), intermediation (16%), services (1%), consulting (7%), real estate (19%), health (5%), education (1%), and tourism (7%). 

Andorra's investment mainly comes from Spain (47%), France (37%), Russia (4%), Belgium (1%), and others (17%). There has been no Indonesian investment in Andorra.

In 25 October 2017, the Indonesian Embassy in Paris held a business breakfast meeting in Andorra Park Hotel, which was attended by 21 Andorran businessmen; CEO, head of Chamber of Commerce, representatives of companies, banking, and other businesses. The event introduced Indonesia's macro-economy and the ease-of-​doing-business process to attrack investment and cooperation from Andorra.

Economy: Trade

As an important tourist destination and a trading place for duty-free goods, mainly for tourists/visitors, Andorra imports many goods from other countries. Indonesia-made goods can also be found in shops in Andorra, such as for skiing sportswear (gloves, jackets), sneakers, t-shirts and others. There is no record of Andorra's exported goods to Indonesia.

Cultural and Tourism

There is currently no cooperation agreement between Andorra and Indonesia in social, cultural, and tourism. However, good relations and partnership with the Government of Andorra are maintained through Indonesian Embassy in Paris.
In 25 October 2017, the Embassy held a cultural night "COLORS D’INDONÉSIA" in Auditori Nacional d’Andorra, in cooperation with the Government of Andorra, and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. Foreign Minister Maria Ubach Font in her opening remarks expressed appreciation for the good bilateral relations between the two countries that have been running for 21 years since 1996. The Embassy also held cultural night in Andorra in 2013 and 2006.  ​