Working Visit of Minister of Defense of Indonesia to France, 15-16 April 2009

​The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Juwono Sudarsono, paid a working visit to France on 15-16 April 2009 in order to meet the invitation of the French Minister of Defense, Hervé Morin. The visit was also conducted in order to foster, enhance and strengthen bilateral relations between Indonesia and France in the field of defense.
During his two-day visit, the Defense Minister also had the opportunity to meet with the Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale (National Defense College-IHEDN). In a meeting with RTD, the RTD is represented by Senior Vice President, Vice President for International Sales, and International Marketing Manager.

At a meeting with the RTD, the RTD presents information about the RTD company that outlines the mission, experience, expertise, resources and organizational structure of the company. At the meeting was also delivered a discourse on the prospects of cooperation in the procurement of the needs of the Indonesian military forces.
Some of the issues raised in the meeting with the French Defense Minister include the prospects for bilateral cooperation, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the presence of Indonesian forces in Lebanon. Especially on the Lebanese issue, France highly values ​​the active participation of Indonesian forces in Lebanon and expects that the presence of Indonesian troops can be maintained in the country at least until the security situation in Lebanon is fully restored.
In the case of bilateral cooperation both parties agree to explore concrete forms of cooperation such as education and training for military personnel and technology; seminars and bilateral dialogue between the two countries in the field of defense, research and development; terrain communications; and defense industry development. In this case, a committee of both sides has been formed which the committee is expected to be a forum for the realization of cooperation between the two countries
Especially regarding the development of the defense industry, French Defense Minister expressed the possibility of funding from French banks to develop defense industry by involving Indonesian companies, also dijajagi cooperation between the RTD with the company in Indonesia in the field of panser production. So far there are two French companies operating in Indonesia in the field of defense, namely European Aeronatic Defense and Space Company (EADS) and Thales.​