Opening of French-Indonesia Business Luncheon, Bordeaux, 14 May 2018


Opening Remarks of the French-Indonesia Business Luncheon

Ambassador Dr. Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan

Bordeaux - France, 14 May 2018


Mr. Olivier Ramadour, Representative of City of Bordeaux,

Distinguishes Participants,

Ladies and Gentleman,


Good Afternoon


            I am delighted to see you all here today in the French-Indonesia Business Luncheon in Bordeaux, a City of Art and History. Bordeaux is the sixth Largest City in France. It constitutes the world's major wine industry capital and has been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List as "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble".


         I am very pleased to see strong turnout this afternoon. It shows your strong interest to learn more about Indonesia which is very rich in culture and gifted by so many beautiful places that has attracted millions of  tourists from around the world.


         Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim population and Southeast Asia’s biggest economy with the GDP about to reach 870 billion USD. The country is also endowed with abundant natural resources, a young and trained workforce and large growing middle class, combined with improving investment climate and higher global profile.     


         Indonesia also joined ASEAN Economic Community, a home to nearly 640 million people with aggregate economic size of 2.6 trillion USD. ASEAN with its Economic Community Blueprint will transform itself into a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region which integrated into global economy.


            Under President Joko Widodo, the government of Indonesia is committed to ensure foreign trade and investment a strategic priority of his government’s overall economic policies. Supported by strong commitment to economic reforms, a sustainable growth prospect remains intact in Indonesia. In the past ten years, our economic growth is among top three in the G20 member countries. Indonesia would like to see economic growth to stand at 5.1% this year, and 5.4% in 2018. You will learn more after this meeting.


The Indonesian Government continues to create policies in order to attract more direct investment particularly in key sectors and priorities. In this regard, we have been accelerating infrastructure development and creating a conducive business environment. Indonesia strives to accelerate infrastructure development since we believe infrastructure sector is the backbone of prosperous economy. Indonesia has made infrastructure as its highest priority and clearly reflected in our policy direction and framework. We embark on ambitious projects on energy and electricity, toll roads, bridges, ports and airports, railways, dams, and other projects aimed at strengthening our national connectivity, energy security, food security, and our economic competitiveness in general.


​         I would like also convey an offer of cooperation from the Governor of Jakarta Special region, a capital City of Indonesia. City of Jakarta would like to nurture collaboration with the cities and private sectors in France on the sectors such as processing of waste including water waste, drinking water treatment, public transportation management, urban planning including the arrangement of old towns, occupancy for low income communities; river normalization, energy and creative industries.


         I also note that several companies attending here also have the line of business on clean energy, import, export, finance, wine industries. I foresee potential for further cooperation between city and private sectors of Le Havre with city of Jakarta. So, I would like to invite you to Jakarta, Indonesia to grow your enterprises there. The Embassy of Indonesia will do its utmost efforts to facilitate you to connect with the City of Jakarta.


         For today’ gathering, I would like to present to you Mr. Sandy from the Indonesia Central Bank Office in London who will depict the Indonesia’s macro economy and economic profile in general. Ms. Kumala Chandra of the EU-Indonesia Business Network who is going to portray the investment policy and the opportunities of doing business in Indonesia. And, Mr.Angel Barrera from Belco  will testify his experience to do business with Indonesia. I also bring staff from the Embassy, an Economic Counsellor and Trade Attache who are at your disposal if you have further enquiries after this meeting.


         I fervently hope that our meeting today will deepen your insight and attract your attention to do business with Indonesia.   Thank you.