The 69th Independence Day of Indonesia: Increasing Indonesia-ICAO Cooperation For Improving The Performance of The Indonesian Civil Aviation


The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia held for the first time after the establishment of the Office of the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia to the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) in February 2012, a Diplomatic Reception to commemorate the 69th Independence Day of Indonesia at the Headquarters of the ICAO, Montreal, on 25 August 2014. The President of the Council of the ICAO, Dr. Olumuyiwa Bernard Aliu and the Secretary General of the ICAO, Mr. Raymond Benjamin and Spouse were present as the Guests of Honour.  Approximately a hundred guests consisting of Permanent Representatives and Alternate Representatives of Members States of ICAO and other counterparts of Indonesia in Montreal, including representatives from the City of Montreal, from Bombardier and from Bell Textron Helicopter came to join the celebration.

In her remarks, Ambassador Dienne H. Moehario conveyed that in line with the significant growth of Indonesian aviation sector, Indonesia established a civil aviation strategic plan, strengthens compliance in the implementation of the civil aviation strategic action plan, enacts laws and regulations, provides adequate infrastructures in airports and air navigation services and develops its human resources. With regards to the human resources development and management, Indonesia continued to enhance its aviation personnel capacity and provide assistance to ICAO member states in developing its aviation personnel capacity. Ambassador Moehario hoped that the cooperation between Indonesia and the ICAO, Indonesia and Member States of the ICAO could enhance and encompass all sectors in the international civil aviation to achieve the sustainable growth of the global civil aviation system.

After PERMIKA (Association of Indonesian Students in Canada) sang the National Anthem of Indonesia, Indonesia Raya, 2 Indonesian Dances impressed the guests. Rerejangan Dance from Bali welcomed the guests eloquently and the Gatot Kaca Gandrung Dance showed dynamic movements of Gatot Kaca who was trying to attract his sweetheart, Pergiwa.

During the event, Indonesia introduced more Indonesian cuisine prepared by 2 Montreal based Indonesian restaurants, Gado-Gado Restaurant and Nonya Restaurant. The guests tasted with delight Indonesian chicken and beef satay (sate ayam and sate sapi Indonesia), Indonesian spicy beef (rendang), fried rice (nasi goreng), grilled fish cake (otak-otak) and various Indonesian desserts, such layered cake (lapis legit), croquette, sweetened potato cake (kue lumpur), sweetened steamed sticky rice (wajik) and steamed pandan sticky rice cake (ketan sarikaya). Cold lemon grass tea was the favourite drink of the guests.

The Reception was a warm and heartfelt event. The President of the ICAO Council and the Secretary General of the ICAO indicated optimism that the increase of cooperation between Indonesia and ICAO to improve the performance of the civil aviation of Indonesia had been running effectively. (SM/Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa)