Enermous Opportunities For Indonesia And Canada: Meeting With Canada-Indonesia Parliamentary Friendship Group (CIPFG)


Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Canada, H.E. Dienne H. Moehario took the opportunity to update the Canada-Indonesia Parliamentary Friendship Group (CIPFG) with the result of the Legislative Election 2014 in Indonesia and the upcoming Presidential Election in July 2014, during a meeting with CIPFG in Ottawa, 10 June 2014. Eleven (11) Members of CIPFG attended the meeting, namely The Honourable Deepak Obhrai, M.P. (Co-Chair CIPFG), Senator Victor OH (Co-Chair CIPFG), Senator Asha Seth, Mr. Leon Benoit, M.P., Senator David Smith, Senator Salma Ataullahjan, Senator Janis G. Johnson, Senator Suzanne Fortin Duplessis, Ms. Lois Brown, M.P., Senator Dennis Dawson, Senator Thanh Hai Ngo and Mr. Alain Giguere, M.P. Another Member of Parliament, Mr. Andrew Saxton, M.P. was also present.

Indonesia as an emerging market is full of potentials that can be developed in cooperation with Canada, and therefore, Indonesia welcomes expertise and direct investment of Canada in order to be able to manage its resources and potentials. The trade between Indonesia and Canada should be more inclusive, and be enjoyed by small, medium and large traders/businesses. The future success of bilateral trade cooperation and partnership will be supported by strong relationship among small and medium size enterprises from the two countries; and cooperative economic system.

On behalf of CIPFG, Mr. Deepak Obhrai, M.P. conveyed her appreciation to Indonesia, that actively encouraged closer relations between Parliament of Indonesia and Canada. He mentioned that the Parliament of Canada observed closely with great interest the on-going election process in Indonesia and until now, Indonesia had shown a good progress in its democratization process. Concerning the two (2) pairs of candidates of President and Vice President of Indonesia, Mr. Obhrai conveyed that Parliament of Canada did not have any inclination towards particular candidates; instead they will support the choice of the people of Indonesia.

CIPFG expressed that Canada is aware of the influence of Indonesia in ASEAN, with its potential market and stable growth in economy. The Senate of Canada is planning to make a working visit to Indonesia this year. (SM/Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa)