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Film, Video, Commercials, Documentary and Reality Show Shooting

Media/journalist/production house planning to conduct (i) news coverage; (ii) Foreign Correspondent deployment; or (iii) Shooting of film/documentary/reality show/commercials in Indonesia must apply for Media/Journalist Visa.


Before applying visa, media/journalist/production house shall acquire Journalistic Visit Permit from the relevant authority in Indonesia whose application must be submitted through the Consulate General 3 weeks prior to the intended travelling schedule.

Video/Film Shooting Permit requirements:

1.   Sponsor letter from employer stating:

      a. Purpose of visit

      b. Places to be visited/covered

      c. Date/schedule of filming

2.   Application form for film/video shooting permit in Indonesia

3.   A brief company profile

4.   List of crew(s) travelling and their position(s)

5.   Personal history of applicants

6.    Copy passport of applicants (must be valid min. 6 months during arrival in Indonesia)

7.   Tentative agenda in Indonesia

8.   Synopsis or background information of the story/documentation

9.    List of equipments (if any)

10.   Profile of local partner/fixer/coordinator (must have license issued by Film Development Center, Ministry of Education and Culture)

11.    Statement letter
(Application documents template for Filmmaking/shooting can be downloaded here Application-Documents-Shooting Filming-2018.xls)
(Guide of Shooting/filming in Indonesia can be downloaded here Guide for Filming-Shooting in Indonesia.pdf)

Visa application requirements:

  1. A completed and signed visa application form Visa-Application-Form ビサ申請書.pdf
  2. Passport (original and copy) with minimum validity of 6 months (12 months of travel document validity for a stateless applicant)
  3. Letter of guarantee from a guarantor (local partner) during stay in Indonesia
  4. Proof/evidence demonstrating the financial capability to cover expenses during stay in Indonesia (minimum US$ 1,500,-)
  5. Return ticket or onward ticket to continue travelling to other destination country.
  6. 2 recent photographs (within the past 6 months) in color and size of 4 cm (width) x 6 cm (length) with white background.
  7. Visa fee ¥ 5,700/applicant as well as additional ¥2,800 (legalization of equipments list) and ¥800 (Telex fee).
  8. Recommendation letter from relevant authority in Indonesia (please consult with your local partner/mixer/stringer).
  9. Copy of Alien Registration Card and Re-entry permit (for non-Japanese only)

    Visa application fee shall be paid through transfer to the following account:
    Account Name: Zai Osaka Indonesia Kyouwakoku Souryoujikan
    Account number: 00970-4-257046
    振込先 : 在大阪インドネシア共和国総領事館
    郵便口座番号 : 00970-4-257046 (振り込み書が必要になります)
    Note: transfer receipt must be presented when picking up the visa