The Wayang Kulit amazed people of Pouembout


The Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow puppet show) was performed in Pouembout (±230 km from Noumea) on Saturday evening of 30 October 2010, accompanied by the Gamelan (Indonesian musical ensemble) performed by artists of the Consulate General of Indonesia in Noumea. The play of that evening show, which was an adaptation of Ramayana epic, amazed audiences. Acting as Dalang (puppeteer) was Mr. Suratno, teacher of Javanese art at Indonesian Consulate General in Noumea. Even though the show could be performed entirely in French language but the audiences preferred it in Javanese language as it is in Indonesia. However for ease of understanding, the Dalang sometimes used French dialog.


The show, which lasted for an hour and half, was one of the programs of the "Pouembout’s Book Week" organized on 26 – 30 October 2010 by the Cultural Center of the Northern Province of New Caledonia. The artists from the Indonesian Consulate General had been solicited to animate the event since there were two books about the story of Indonesian descendants who lived in New Caledonia exhibited on that occasion, namely: "Makandouri, fille de Pouembout” (Makandouri, a girl from Pouembout) by Monsieur Yannick Prigent (French National) and "De Bandung à Nouméa” (From Bandung to Noumea) by Madame Ama Djoemadi Bastien (French National).


The organizers hoped that the presence of Indonesian art could awaken the good romance about Indonesia to the readers who - some of them - requested the autograph of the artists from the Consulate General of Indonesia at the end of the show.