The Red and White Flag flutters at Rally of New Caledonia


Rifat Sungkar, Indonesian rally driver, accompanied by his Australian navigator, Scott Beckwith, has been at the first rank on the fifth round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC). The championship is called “Rallye de Nouvelle-Calédonie”. The victory of the driver, whose currently drives for the Pertamina Prima XP team, has been achieved after passing 19 special stages on 634,87 kilometres, started on 26 August and finished on 29 August. The spectators must have imagined that Rifat would be the champion of the Rally. A column about his beautiful performance has been put on headline news of the local newspaper.


But unfortunately, on the second and third day he couldn’t keep up his success for some reasons. A Australian driver, Brendan Reeves was ahead of him. He has been five minutes quicker. But since Reeves was not a fully registered APRC driver, Rifat / Scott would be entitled to be at the first rank of the Rallye de Nouvelle-Calédonie.


At the end, to pay tribute to the champion, in front of Indonesian Community and other spectators, the Red and White Flag has been raised at Rally of New Caledonia accompanied by the Indonesian National anthem, Indonesia Raya.