New Caledonia fonds of Indonesian Export Products

​Indonesian Consul-General for Noumea, Widyarka Ryananta, met with New Caledonia’s President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jennifer Seagoe (20/1).

Seagoe said that Indonesian products are highly consumed due to its good quality and supported by New Caledonia’s high purchasing power.
Through Cocoge Distribution company (export-import product distribution), Indonesian snack products such as Arnott’s and toiletries products are in high demand in New Caledonian market. This opens new opportunities of those products to enter the European Union market through New Caledonia.
 “Currently, Indonesian automotive products, Toyota Fortuner, since June 2014 has penetrated New Caledonian market after fulfilling European Union’s standards and has been through licensing process for three years,” said Indonesian Consul-General. Other Indonesian export products that have entered New Caledonia are tubes, pipes, aluminium drums, wood and furniture, food and beverages, footwear, and garments.
Seagoe, who has just been appointed as the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the end of December 2014, saw an opportunity to gain foreign exchange by taking advantage of tourist visits with cruise ships to Noumea. “This month, there are 28 cruise ships come to Noumea carrying 2000 to 3500 tourists. Although visiting no more than one day, these tourists spend around 5000 XFP (equals to $53.1). It is estimated that in a year there are more than 350,000 tourists to visit Noumea. Therefore, it is calculated that they spend more around 1.8 billion XFP (equals to $19.1 million),” explained Seagoe.
Indonesian Consul-General offers cooperation to fill the tourists’ welcoming party by showing Indonesian art and cultural performances. Not only serving as a tourist attraction, this event may promote Indonesian art and culture that has also been a part of New Caledonia. Around 7000 Indonesian diaspora have already been local residents. Seagoe welcomes this offer and will discuss further realization possibilities.
Although there is tariff barrier, Indonesian export products can still penetrate New Caledonian market. This area across from France applies a protective economic policy, by applying high import tax to products made outside the country. It is applied in order to protect the economy as well as to improve the competitiveness of local products.
In order to improve Indonesia – New Caledonia trade, Indonesian Consul-General invites New Caledonia businesspeople to participate in INACRAFT in April 2015 and Indonesian Trade Expo in October 2015 as well as various other trade exhibitions.