In Memory of Ancestors


On February 16th, 2010, in front of a commemorative stele positioned at Vallon-du-Gaz area, the Indonesian Community in New Caledonia celebrated their ancestors' setting foot on the island for the first time 114 years ago.

The commemoration began with a discourse led by the head of the Indonesian Association of New Caledonia (IANC), Bapak Djintar Tambunan, followed by the Consul General of Indonesia Ad Interim, Ibu Sulastriningsih, who said : “Let this day be a moment to evaluate the development and competence of our young generation, in order to prove that by the education they have received from their parents, they can be equal to their “Caledionian Brothers”, adapt themselves to other cultures and contribute to the development of this region”.

Other than the Indonesian community and the entire staff of Indonesian Consulate General in Noumea, some senior officials, namely H.E. Mr. Philippe Gomès, President of the New Caledonian Government; Mr. Gaël Yanno, Deputy of French National Assembly for the first constituency, Ms. Lilian Saridjan, Representative of French High Commisioner for New Caledonia and Mr. Jean Lèques, Mayor of Noumea also attended the ceremony.

To mark the end of the commemoration, the Consul General Ad Interim, the Head of IANC and all senior officials were invited to lay a bouquet of flowers at the centennial monument. Subsequently, a cocktail ala Indonesian closed the day.