Entertaining the elders


For the past fourteen years since 1996, the Indonesian community has been organizing an annual conviviality to commemorate the arrival of the first Indonesians in New Caledonia and also to entertain their elders. This year, the honour of being the host has fallen to the Indonesian Community of La Foa.

Held on February 21st, at the Cultural Center of La Foa, the ceremony was started by a bouquet laying and was attended by the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia Ad Interim in Noumea, Mrs. Sulastriningsih, Mayor of La Foa Mrs. Corrine Voisin, the Head of Indonesian Asociation West Coast, Mrs. Monique Siban, and a honorary guest of Indonesian Consulate General, Mr Sudaryomo Hartosudarmo, Consul General of Indonesia in Sydney who arrived the day before, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Tri Pangestuti Sudaryomo.

Before the meal time, some Heads of Indonesian Associations had been presented to the public. Then the Consul General of Indonesia Ad Interim in Noumea, the Consul General in Sydney and the Mayor of La Foa have been invited to speech. 

Expressing herself almost totally in Javanese, Ibu Sulastriningsih wished that a celebration day like this one could be a moment of reunion for the entire community to forge the bond of friendship between them. She also reminded that they must pay homage to their ancestors who had been working hard, so that the community today can be up to par relative to other ethnic groups existing in this French territorial.

Still in Javanese, the Consul General from Sydney said that he was happy being in the midst of the Indonesian Community in such a friendly atmosphere. He hoped that the community could live in harmony and never forget their homeland, although they’ve made up their mind to live in New Caledonia. The Mayor of the Town, on the other side, appreciated the effort of the both Consul General Ad Interim in Noumea and the Consul General in Sydney for having spoken French at the beginning of their discourses. She also thanked everyone for being present at that special day.

After lunch, the day has been livened up by a series of cultural events. The artists under the aegis of Indonesian Consulate General in Noumea, presented the Dance Bondan Tani  of Central Java, the Dance Cendrawasih, of Bali, and the angklung music. On the other side, some dancers from the Indonesian Association of New Caledonia demonstrated  the newly created dance of Bapak Bagong Kusudiharjo. Prior to this one, a woman of the community performed the Goyang Semarangan Dance. To close the activity, a female singer has delighted the public with her beautiful voice.