Ceremony and dinner on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the proclamation of Indonesian Independence Day


On the occasion of the 65th of the proclamation of Indonesian Independence Day, on August 17, the Indonesian Consulate General in Noumea has organized a flag ceremony at 9.00. The ceremony was running in respectful silence. The Consul General ad Interim, Mrs. Sulastriningsih, had been acting as the inspector of ceremony and Mr. Suyoto, Attaché, as the commandant.


Around 100 people of the Indonesian Community in New Caledonia have come to attend the ceremony. In front of them, the Inspector read the discourse of the Indonesian President which was formulated at the central and regional House of Representative, on 16th August. Via his speech the President wanted to send some messages, such as the important stage in story of 65 year of Indonesia and to face up challenges in the future.


At 5 pm the day went on with the flag decline ceremony and the giving-prize to the winner of some competitions which had been organized on 18, 25 and 31 July, on the occasion of the 65th of the proclamation of Indonesian Independence Day. At the evening, at the same time of breaking the fast, the Indonesian Consulate General invited the Indonesian Community for a dinner, still on the same occasion. Around 200 people have come.


On the evening, Mrs Consul General a.i. sent a union, respect message, particularly to Indonesian citizens and generally to their descendants in order to keep the image of Indonesia. Still on the same occasion, Mrs Sulastriningsih has practiced the tradition of “tumpeng” cutting. The first cut has been given to Mr. Djintar Tambunan and Mrs. Toukina Sabeni to pay them tribute, since they are considered as “sesepuh” which means old respectful person. For Moslem people, the evening closed with an Islamic ritual prayer of the Ramadan at Indonesian Consulate General.