The Land of Diversity: Indonesian Night 2009 at Yale University


The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Council of Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University held the Indonesian Night 2009, themed “the Land of Diversity” in Luce Hall, Yale University, on November 7th 2009. The event that was organized by the Connecticut Indonesian Community was attended by more than 150 attendees who were not only bear the Indonesian citizenship, but also the locals who were captivated by Indonesia’s culture.


In her remarks, the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Trie Edi Mulyani expressed her appreciation for the event. The consul holds Connecticut similar to Indonesia for its diversity, therefore expects such activities in promoting Indonesia could be expanded throughout Connecticut. She endorsed the event organizers and participants to maintain the event as a tradition that could preserve the sense of belonging among Indonesian and United States’ citizens.


The event was then resumed with art performances by the children of Indonesia and the international students from Yale University. The performances are namely the Gebyar-gebyar dance, Margapati dance, Tani dance, Sakura dance, Saman dance, and the Jaipongan dance. What’s worth noting at the time is that the performances have succeeded in creating synergies between traditional and modern Indonesian arts. Aside from that, the participation from the international students in exhibiting Indonesian arts has proven to be a great success for Indonesia to attract the interests and appreciation from the international world.


As a form of solidarity of the international community in Connecticut to Indonesia, Yale University students in association with other parties such as the University of Andalas, Mercy Corps, and the International Silat Federation of America (ISFA), announced that they’re having a fund raising for the victims of West Sumatra. The collected fund would later then be donated for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of West Sumatra.