Solidarity to Victims of Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and Indonesian Cultural Promotion


School age is usually considered as the "golden age" to internalize values of kindness, solidarity, and understanding. The “International Fair” event which held by Scarsdale Public School New York on Wednesday (21/4) and Sunday (25/4), became the occasion to train solidarity of elementary and high school students towards victims of earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. In the event that visited by more than 1000 people, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York has participated as well as introduced and promoted Indonesia to the students as early as possible.


The event which was held from 12.00 PM to 04.00 PM involved not only the students and teachers, but also parents and the surrounding communities. Approximately 25 booths participated in this event. Beside collecting funds for the earthquakes’ victims through food bazaar, the Consulate General also created the ”Indonesian Corner” to introduce and promote Indonesia by playing a video on Indonesia as well as distributing brochures and DVDs about Indonesia.


Besides sold Indonesian foods, such as fried noodles and chicken satay with lontong, the booth also held the Indonesian foods and drinks tasting program, provided the opportunity for visitors to taste lemper, pastel, assorted crackers, peanuts, and packaged tea.


Indonesia’ booth also assisted by two Scarsdale’s students who paraded around the exhibition area by carrying Indonesia flag as well as wearing Indonesian traditional clothes and Balinese headscarves. Visitors at Indonesia’s booth seemed enthusiastic to know more about Indonesia, including tasted a variety of Indonesian foods. The DVDs about Indonesia is also important as presentation materials for students when they have related school assignments.


The funds collected from food bazaar were donated to the earthquakes’ victims in Haiti and Chile through the school organizing committee. The Scarsdale Interdependence Committee had also conducted similar social activities to collect donations for earthquakes’ victims in Padang and Aceh a few times ago. (Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York).