“Sharing of Knowledge”: A Discussion between US and Indonesian Students


A student from Yale University shared the tips for the preparation to enter universities in the United States, especially Yale University, in front of Indonesian students who study in various high schools in the US. This event titled “Sharing of Knowledge” which was held in Pancasila Room, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York on Saturday, 8 May 2010. Approximately 50 guests attended this event and ten of them are local foreign students who are also the candidates of expert on Indonesia from Yale University, accompanied by the Bahasa Indonesia lecturer in that university, Indriyo Sukmono. Besides, this event was also attended by Indonesian graduate and post-graduate students in Yale, Columbia, and Wesleyan Universities.


In her welcoming remarks, Consul General in New York expressed that Indonesia could be a perfect place to study various disciplines. Indonesia’s biodiversity and sea biota are the sources for environment study; its multicultural society is the source for anthropology and language studies; and the fact that Indonesia is a country with Muslim majority as well as the third most democratic country in the world are noteworthy sources for sociopolitical study. In relation to educational institutions in the US, it was also acknowledged that the US hosts the best universities in the world and Indonesia continues its effort to develop more of its educational institutions to gain international recognitions.


The remarks from Yale University represented by an undergraduate student in sociopolitical study, Habib Moody, and Bahasa Indonesia lecturer in that university, Indriyo Sukmono. In Bahasa Indonesia, Habib Moody briefly explained the Bahasa Indonesia program that he and a number of graduate as well as post-graduate students joined. He was also very happy to meet Indonesian students as well as to learn Indonesian culture and to taste Indonesian culinary. Moody expected that event like this could strengthen the relationship between students and could also improve the relationship between both countries. Furthermore, Indriyo Sukmono, who accompanied students from Yale and Wesleyan Universities, expressed his expectation that this event would inspire other academicians to hold a similar one. Through this event, it is also expected that ”Friends of Indonesia” could acknowledge that the Consulate General is not only home for Indonesians, but also home for students and foreigners who are interested in Indonesia.


The remarks followed by presentation from David Suwondo, an undergraduate student in molecular biology from Yale University, regarding the preparation to enter universities in the US. In his presentation, David mentioned important things to be considered by candidates before deciding on a particular university, such as pre-visiting the university; meeting the faculties; gathering information on the program, lecturers, and courses; preparing for SAT test; gathering tips on application, essay, and resume writing; gathering information on financial support including scholarship opportunities; as well as preparing for the interview. This presentation continued by a graduate student from Columbia University, Supriyanto Suwito, and Fauziah from Yale University, on the admission process to graduate program which is slightly different from undergraduate program. For graduate program, beside a comprehensive essay, the candidate is also required to demonstrate related working experience as one of the university’s consideration.


In general, this two-hour event went well. Beside discussion, the guests are also presented by the performance from the Basement band, which all the personnel are Indonesian students. It is expected that an event like this could improve networking and cooperation with various universities in the US as well as increase positive interests on Indonesia among foreign academicians to gain more “Fiends of Indonesia” (Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York).