"Passport to Indonesia on a Tour of the World": Promotion of Indonesia in Princeton University


Indonesian students have demonstrated their abilities to promote and represent Indonesia positively abroad. This could be seen from the cultural promotion event titled “Passport to Indonesia on a Tour of the World” promoted by members of Indonesian Students Association in the United States (Permias) Princeton in front of Frist Campus Center building on Saturday afternoon (24/4). This event became the closing event of the International Festival Month at Princenton University, which is awarded by Forbes magazine as “No. 1 America’s Best Colleges.


During the opening of the event, Consul General Trie Edi Mulyani expressed several important aspects of Indonesia in its efforts to introduce Indonesia to students and civitas academica of Princeton University. Besides, she also mentioned the similarities between Indonesia and United States, such as their multiethnicity and multicultural. The ”Passport to Indonesia” event could serve as a good opportunity for civitas academica of Princeton University to begin acknowledging Indonesian culture and culinary.


Director of Davis International Center, Paula Chow, on behalf of the universiy expressed their gratitude for the presence of Consulate General of the Republic Indonesia in New York in this event. Beside proposed by Indonesian students, this event was also supported by students from other countries. Mrs. Chow also expressed her proud for Permias’s initiative in organizing this event.

In the event, audiences gave an outstanding appreciations to the performance of Balinese dance and gamelan groups under the Consulate General, Dharma Swara. They particularly impressed by the performance of
Kebyar Legong dance with live performance of Balinese gamelan for the duration of more than 35 minutes. This dance was composed by an artist, Pan Rendres, in 1920 which is famous for its long duration and the complicated compositions. The performance of Dharma Swara in Princeton University was also intended to prepare the group to perform at the competition Gong Kebyar during the Balinese Art Festival, next July, in Denpasar.


During the event, the visitors also had the opportunities to taste Indonesian traditional food, such as satay, fried noodle, cendol cold drink, and sweet mixed cold drink, which were served by one of Indonesian restaurants in Philadelphia.

The first “Passport to Indonesia” was held on the end of 2008. This first event gained a noteworthy appreciations which enhanced the Princeton University’s students and professors interests toward Indonesian cultures. In regards to this accomplishment, the event promoted by Permias this year titled “Passport to Indonesia on a Tour of the World” was chosen as the closing event of the International Festival Month.


At the end of the event, the visitors also accepted DVDs about Indonesia. In harmony to the title and theme of this event, “Passport to Indonesia on a Tour of the World”, it is expected that the event could further encourage the visitors to visit Indonesia. (Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York).