Meet and Greet with the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the United States in KJRI New York


In November 20th 2009, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York (KJRI NY) held the meet and greet event between the Ambassador of Indonesia for the United States of America, Mr. Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat with the scholars, religious leaders, observers of Indonesia, Indonesian Banking Forum representatives, Indonesian Student Association (Permias), the press, the staffs of PTRI and the staffs of KJRI New York, with a total of 200 attendees.


In her remarks, the Consul General for the Republic of Indonesia, emphasized the importance of cooperation, communication and coordination, between institutions, be it internally or externally in this so-called global era. The goals and achievements that were so far attained are the fruit of a good cooperation and coordination between the Republic of Indonesia’s representatives in the United States under the leadership of the ambassador. It was also then briefly showcased the history of the ambassador’s career with a few tales of the activities that were done with the coordination of the ambassador. In the consul’s perspective, Ambassador Sudjadnan is a capable diplomat, a leader, a mentor, and a best friend. In the end of her remarks, the consul expressed her highest gratitude and wish for the ambassador’s good health, happiness, and success in the future.


While the Ambassador in his remarks retold the story of his career in the Department of Foreign Affairs, his experiences and his memories while being the Ambassador for the United States of America. As previously mentioned by the consul, Ambassador Sudjadnan was also mentioned that the whole activities that have been done were the crop of a solid cooperation between the staffs and therefore he mentioned that the representative offices should maintain to work hard and have a great cooperation in order to improve Indonesia’s reputation in the International forum.


The event was resumed with token sharing, respectively by the Chief Representative of Bank of Indonesia in New York, Mr. Lucky F. Hadibrata; Chairperson of the Dharma Wanita Persatuan KJRI New York, Mrs. Ilok Antarikso; and the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Trie Edi Mulyani.