Visitation Visa

Visitation Visa is given to regular passport holders. The process is usually completed within two business days; it may take longer for citizens from certain countries due to background checks, as well as applicants who wish to enter restricted regions. Non-US citizens who hold certain US visas may not be processed at any Indonesian embassy/consulate within the United States.

Please be advised that the Embassy holds the right to deny any applicant that is deemed ineligible without disclosing the reason or to determine the type and duration of visa appropriate for travel.


Visitation visas are included:



Single Entry Visa means that you are allowed to enter Indonesia one time before the visa expiration date. The Indonesian Embassy and the Consulate Generals may issue a Single Entry Visa for up to 60 days stay.

Multiple Entry Visa means that you are allowed to enter Indonesia several times before the visa expiration date (the visa is valid for a year). Holder of Indonesian multiple entry visa is allowed to stay up to 60 (sixty) days in Indonesia.