Vice Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Visited India

H.E. Ambassador of Indonesia Rizali Wilmar Indrakesuma welcomed and greeted Vice Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Mr. Fadli Zon at the Embassy of Indonesia during his working visit to India on 11-14 June 2015.  The objective of the visit was to gain extensive knowledge about India and its development policies in the framework of strengthening bilateral relations of the two countries which have been conducted since Soekarno-Nehru era.  

During the 5 days visit in India, Mr. Fadli Zon and delegation namely Ahmad Muzani (Komisi I), Dwi Ria Latifa (Komisi III) and official of Directorate of South and Central Asia MOFA, accompanied by HE Ambassador of Indonesia had meetings with several high-ranking officials of the government of India namely Vice President of India, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Minister of External Affairs, and Chief Election Commissioner. In the meetings, Fadli Zon sought support from India, one of the founders of Asia-Africa Conference, for the establishment of Asian-African Parliamentary Forum (AAPF) as one of the follow-up actions of the 60th Asia-Africa Conference held in April 2015. 

In relations to the general election system, the delegation attained information regarding Indian online election system and experienced to use the electronic voting machine used in India general election 2014. To obtain information on Indian defence system, the delegation visited the India-Russia missiles industry “Brahmos”.    

To have knowledge regarding Indian economy, the delegation had meetings with food cooperation of India to discuss policies and strategies of Indian food security as well as Indian business sectors at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Further, the delegation took an opportunity to visit the biggest Indian bovine production factory in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. 

“Indonesia and India are the two biggest democratic countries in the world which have close and strong historical and cultural relations”, said Fadli Zon. He pointed out that Indonesia could further study India’s rapid development such as its defence industry, food security and animal husbandry industry.