Meeting Of Special Committee - Pansus DPD & Lok Sabha


Meeting of Special Committee of the DPD-RI (Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia) about Ambalat and the Border Region with
India’s Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)
Hon. Shri Sharifuddin Shariq from the State of Jammu & Kashmir
On 13 - 16 September 2009 a special committee (Pansus) DPD RI of Ambalat and the Border Regions conducted an observation visit to India. The Special Committee headed by Sri Kadarwati were consisted of 6 experts from of DPD RI Members, namely: Frans X Assan, Midin B. Lamany, Jonathan Nubatonis, Dinawati, Nur Nursyamsa Andriyani and Hadith and 3 staffs of the Secretariat General of DPD-RI.
During the visit, on 16 September 2009, the Delegation of the Special Committee Ambalat and Border Regions met with member of the Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha) Hon. Shri Sharifuddin Shariq, from the state of Jammu & Kashmir at the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi. This marks the first time of a member of Lok Sabha to make a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.
Hon. Shri Sharifuddin Shariq presented a thorough elucidation on the management of border areas regulated by Government of India. According to Shariq, since Jawaharlal Nehru became Prime Minister of India, his government has been maintaining good relations and peace with neighboring countries.
In general, the population who lived in the border region is economically weak communities. For that, the Government of India has a particular interest in community empowerment efforts in the border region. Some priority in these efforts is in the education sector, health, infrastructure development, and communication facilities
Conflict occurred between India and Pakistan related to Jammu & Kashmir region could not be judged only as a border conflict, but the political conflicts that led to partition these two both states based on the religion of the majority at Britain Post-Colonial in India. However, according to the number of constituencies Shariq said that more than one hundred thousand votes in the last recent election evidently the majority Jammu & Kashmir people prefer to become part of India
The primary discussion between the Delegation of the Special Committee and Hon. Shri Sharifuddin Shariq, includes some major policies made by Government of India to solve the border crises, the Indian government funding schemes in developing the border regions, the role of Lok Sabha in the management of Indian border areas, and development of peaceful settlement of Jammu & Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan.
On the sidelines of the meeting, Hon. Shri Sharifuddin Shariq expressed a desire to visit Indonesia in order to see and know more about Indonesia. This was welcomed by Delegates, and an informal invitation to visit Indonesia was conveyed to Hon. Srarifuddin Shariq.
New Delhi, 16 September 2009