ARF Defence Officials Dialogue (DOD) and ARF ISG CBMPD


India and Vietnam as co-chair of the ASEAN Regional Forum Intercessional Support Group on Confidence Building and Preventive Diplomacy (ARF ISG CBMPD) has organized ARF Defense Officials' Dialogue (DOD) and the ARF ISG CBMPD meetings in New Delhi from 9 - 11 November 2009. The series of meetings of ARF ISG CBMPD is the first of two sessions for the 2009/2010 intersession. ARF ISG CBMPD meeting was attended by 22 of total 27 ARF member countries as well as the ARF Unit and representatives of the Council for Security and Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (CSCAP) India Indonesian delegation for the DOD and the ISG CBMPD was Kristanyo Hardojo, official from Directorate of Asia Pacific and Africa Inter Regional Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi. ARF meeting Official’s Dialogue Defense (DOD) ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Defense Official's Dialogue (DOD), led by India and Vietnam as Co-Chairs of ARF DOD, was oficially opened by Air Vice Marshal Atul Saikia, AVZM, VSM, Ministry of Defense, India and Sr. Colonel Vu Tien Trong, Defense Ministry of Vietnam. The main agenda discussed in the meeting includes Maritime Security; Armed Forces of and Disaster Management; Experience Sharing in Coordinating Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster relief; and Promoting Effectiveness of Defense Security Cooperation among ARF Countries. Air Vice Marshal Atul Saikia in his opening remarks stressed that as a high-level interaction between the ARF defense policy official, DOD has provided the significant contribution to the confidence - building aimed at maintaining peace and stability in the Asia - Pacific. He admitted that the ARF has provided significant advances in the cooperation of non-traditional security, and reaffirmed that ASEAN remains the primary driving force in the ARF and SEAN way of dialogue, consultation and consensus remains as the guiding principle for the ARF The meeting has concerned with the issue of non-traditional security in the region, such as illegal fishing and disaster relief operation, from the 3rd issue to realize that despite the positive development has been built on cooperation in the ARF framework; participants still consider it necessary to strengthen cooperation among ARF countries ARF ISG CBMPD Meetings On the continuation of DOD meeting in the same place ISG ARF CBMPD meeting, chaired by Secretary (East) N. Ambassador Ravi (India) and Ambassador Pham Quang Vinh (Vietnam). The meeting is discussed about the political and security developments, both regional issues, security issues, international and non-traditional, and directions of ARF cooperation in the future. In his speech, Secretary (East) N. Ambassador Ravi (India) expressed the ASEAN way of dialogue on consensus is expected to remain in the guidelines continues to support the efforts ARF. India ARF in addressing non-traditional security issues such as terrorism, traditional organized crime, maritime security, natural disaster management, peacekeeping and energy security, but also continue to improve confidence and building mutual trust. ARF has plays a crucial role in the cooperative approach to security issues. Meeting also discussed the agenda Reviews and Consideration of Confidence Building Measure and Preventive Diplomacy. One of the topics that received attention in the meeting is to plan together with Indonesia and Japan in preparing ARF Disaster Relief Exercise in 2011 in Manado, indonesia. In addition, through this meeting, Indonesia and New Zealand planning to organize the 4th Meeting of the Experts and Eminent Persons Group (EEP) on 14-15 December 2009 in Bali. The meeting closed on 11 November 2009 by the Co-Chairs Ambassador Pham Quang Vinh from Vietnam where the results will be considered by the ARF Senior Official's Meeting in 2010 in Vietnam