Limited Stay Visa

​​​​​This type of visa is valid for a limited stay in Indonesia for maximum stay of 2 years period and valid for both working and non-working purposes. A limited Stay Visa is only given to the person who has been granted an authorization by the Directorate of Immigration in Indonesia. Limited Stay Visa is a single entry visa for a visit that is related to study, work and other purposes such an investment, research, family unification, sport and cultural activities, retired/senior citizen, etc.

Requirements :

​​​​ 1.Limited stay visa requires the passport to be valid for at least one (1) year from the date of first entry
2.The passport must contain at least two (2) blank visa pages. Amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes
3.Two recent color photographs (passport-size) with white background on picture-quality paper
4.The sponsor's identity e.g. the family card, marriage certificate, birth certificate
5.A letter invitation (in duplicate) from the family or social organization, which describes the purpose of the visit and guarantees all transportation and living expense that will incur in Indonesia
6.To initiate and expedite the process of the authorization, it is advisable to have a sponsor in Indonesia, where the sponsor/individual/organization in Indonesia on behalf o​f applicants will submit the request for the applicant's authorization through Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia. Once, the request approved, the authorization letter (TELEX) will be sent to the Embassy/Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in designated country
7.Evidence that applicant has sufficient funds to cover the cost of applicant's Intended stay in Indonesia (Original Bank Statement dated not less than two months or traveler's cheques)
8.Hotel booking
9.Copy of Airline tickets or copy o​f Itinerary
10.Original copy of yellow fever vaccination certificate
11.Visa application processing time: 3 – 4 working days

Make sure that you have a copy of authorization letter from Directorate General of Immigration, before submitting your application for Multiple Entry Visa to the Embassy​