Ja’i Dance during the Third Nairobi Cultural Festival

Nairobi, 19 April 2015 – Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi, again, participate during the Third Nairobi Cultural Festival which was held in Nairobi National Museum, together with 14 others foreign missions in Kenya (Botswana, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Germany and Italy).


During the event, Indonesian booth was crowded by visitors who are tempted to sample some of the Indonesian cuisine presented during the day, such as chicken satay and chicken fried rice, as well as Indonesian snacks namely onde-onde, bolu kukus, risoles and martabak telur. Moreover, the Indonesian booth is also decorated with Indonesian souvenirs, and Indonesian musical instrument such as angklung and kendang.


Another cultural contribution from the Indonesians during the event was the Ja’i Dance, performed by Indonesian Sisters currently residing in Kenya. Ja’i Dance is a traditional dance from Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The performance is greatly welcomed by the audience in the Nairobi National Museum Amphitheatre.

Nairobi Cultural Festival is an annual event held by the National Museum of Kenya aimed to raise awareness of Kenyans as well as expatriates in Nairobi, f the various culture presented during the event.​