Indonesia promotes the importance of education, life skill course

Nairobi, 7th October 2015 - On 7-8 October, the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Detention and Reintegration Working Group (DRWG) have met in Nairobi to discuss prison-based education courses, cognitive skills programs, and vocational training that can be offered to terrorist offenders. The corrections system, through its prison policies, management and programs, plays an important role in countering terrorism by preventing recidivism among violent extremist offenders (VEOs) and ensure their smooth reintegration into society.  In this regard, inmates could be equipped with a range of educational and skills training courses to prepare for their reintegration in the community with the skills, attitudes and confidence that will enable them to lead a meaningful and peaceful life outside the prison walls.
“We apply huge amounts of resources, time and effort to combat terrorism, so when we have a terrorist behind bars, we should not squander the opportunity to try to lead them away from the path of violent extremism and terrorism” said HE John Feakes, Australia’s High Commissioner. “This workshop is about ensuring we get this right, so we can make our communities a little safer.”
Mr. Andy Rachmianto, Director for International Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia emphasized that rehabilitation and reintegration program for VEOs are “tailored to dissociate inmates from radical beliefs and to prepare their reintegration process to the society after their release.” Mr. Rachmianto also stressed the need “to involve relevant stakeholders in rehabilitation and reintegration programmes, not only government agencies, but also community and religious leaders, psychologists, academia, and NGOs.”
Following the attack of West-gate Mall in 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his National address to  Kenyans said  “Terrorism is a global problem that requires global solutions. Kenya will stand with our friends in tackling terrorism and I ask our friends to stand with us”
The GCTF is an informal, multilateral platform that includes 30 members from a broad range of regions, including the United States, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkey and Indonesia. The DRWG, co-chaired by the governments of Australia and Indonesia, is one of the GCTF’s six working groups, explores corrections good practices and important thematic issues associated with prison management and the rehabilitation and reintegration of terrorist detainees and other VEOs. The Working Group also promotes cooperation and capacity building on these issues in different regions.
The workshop brought together a range of practitioners from across Africa, as well as other GCTF members and international experts. Participants will predominantly include corrections staff and experts, employment services, educators, vocational and cognitive skill trainers, psychologists, and other individuals involved in the development and implementation of education, life-skill courses and vocational training for incarcerated VEOs. This is the second meeting in a series of workshops organized by the Global Center on Cooperative Security to support the efforts of the DRWG, co-chaired by the Governments of Australia and Indonesia in cooperation with the Government of Kenya.