General presentation about Indonesia at Kenyatta University


The Government of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Kenyan Government has over the last few years undertaken practical steps under framework of joint commission to promote bilateral relationship through educational programmes. These educational programmes entail academic lectures/presentation and exhibitions that showcase dynamic Indonesian historical culture and milestone developments in various sectors such as political, economic and social welfare.
As part of the ongoing cooperation and to help strengthen relations of the two Governments, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has organized a general presentation about Indonesia at Kenyatta University on 20 January 2012. The purposes of the presentation were to enlighten the students at the university about Indonesia; to promote social interaction and cultural exchange on different levels; and to further enhance mutual cooperation as a way of strengthening the bond between Kenya and Indonesia.
Following a courtesy call with the Acting Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University, the presentation took place at KUCC (Kenyatta University Conference Centre). In attendance were Director of Linkages, Dean of Students, President of Student Association, and around 300 students mostly majored in public relations, political science and international relations.
Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy delivered a talk that bordered on Indonesian history, economy, political and social background. He also talked about milestone developments Indonesia has undertaken as a benchmark to encourage similar developments in Kenya. After the motivational presentation, there was a questions and answer session. The lecture came to an end with the Kenyatta University Student Association President giving closing remarks and vote of thanks.