Nairobi Cultural Festival

​"Selayang Pandang Dance at the Nairobi cultural festival"

Nairobi- On Saturday (05/03/16), the international cultural festival was held in the National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi. The annual festival was attended by ten countries from different continents including Indonesia.

The Indonesian embassy presented several traditional dances, such as selayang pandang from Sumatra,  lenggang Jakarta from Jakarta, and a dance from Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The dances were performed by Indonesian ladies and nuns in Nairobi.

Fascinated by the dancers' graceful movements, the audience applauded the performance of Indonesian dances.

Yoshi Iskandar, the charge d'affaires of the Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi, in his remark at the opening ceremony said that Indonesia has been participating in the cultural festival every year. "Indonesia's booth promotes prominent tourist destinations, traditional handicrafts and culinary " said Yoshi Iskandar.

He explained that Indonesia --with a population of around 250 million people, diverse ethnic groups, and more than 17 thousand islands-- is very rich in cultures and languages. "Indonesia will continue to participate in the festival for years to come" the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy in Nairobi added.

The Indonesia's booth attracted visitors, including groups of school students. With enthusiasm, they listened to the explanation on the Indonesia's geographic location, its cultures, and population.

The Indonesian Embassy also introduced several Indonesian cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO as world heritage such as Prambanan temple, wayang (shadow puppetry), and Angklung (a traditional music instrument).

They were amazed by the vast territory Indonesia's. "I didn't know that Indonesia is so vast and great",  Didit Said, a Loreto High School student of Limuru province. "I want to learn how to make batik and play Angklung", he added.

Responding to the students' request, the Embassy will visit the school to further introduce Indonesian cultures.