Indonesian Dance from Aceh Rocked Oman Once Again

Ratoeh Jaroe Dance, or sometimes also called Saman Dance from Aceh, once again made its presence felt in Oman during the 3rd International Food Fair (IFF) organized by Dar Al Atta'a Association at InterContinental Hotel, Muscat, on 10 March 2018. Dar Al Atta'a Association is the biggest charity organization in the Sultanate, whose works include providing scholarships, helping those affected by natural disasaters, improving living conditions and empowering the less fortunate people. Since 2016, Dar Al Atta'a has organized the IFF, with participants from different countries, whose proceeds go to charity. Twenty countries took part in this third edition of IFF, with thousands of visitors flocking to the event from 4 to 10 pm.

After successful showings during the latest Muscat Festival which ended last February, the Ratoeh Jaroe dance seems to be gaining popularity among the locals. During the show last night, some spectators can be seen imitating the dancers' fast and rhythmic hand movements. Applauds and roars of encouragement can be heard repeatedly during the  performance. The group itself comprised of  15 women and one man, all from the Indonesian community in Muscat.

Each participating country in IFF tried their best to showcase its respective cultures, from the food they brought, the costumes they wear, the decorations they set, to the performances they shown. Every corner was full of unique decorations from different countries.  This year, Dar Al Atta'a will contribute all revenues from this event to provide partial scholarships for underprivileged students.