Visa for Limited Stay

​Foreigners planning to stay in Indonesia for a long period for purposes such as working, investment, study, or family reunification may apply for a Limited Stay Visa.

Please be aware that when a Limited Stay Visa holder arrives in Indonesia, the visa holder should report to Immigration Office no longer than 30 (thirty) days from arrival date, to obtain a Limited Stay Permit Card that would serve as a legitimate stay permit in Indonesia.

Process : Visa will be issued within 4 (four) working days.

Fees :

1. Visa Approval Telex to Indonesia Embassy  : RO. 4

2. Limited Stay Visa for 6 (six) Months             : RO. 21.100

3. Limited Stay Visa for 1 (one) Year                : RO. 40.300

4. Limited Stay Visa for 2 (two) Years              : RO. 69.100 


1. Fill out the application form (available in the Embassy or download here);

2. Original Passport;

3. Copy of the passport (and visa if you are a foreigner in Oman);

4. Copy of ID Card;

5. Visa Approval Letter from Directorate General of Immigration

6. NOC Letter from sponsor in Sultanate of Oman

7. 2 (two) photos with white background ( 3x4 or 4x6);​​​