Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa can be granted for those who require several visits to Indonesia for official government duties, business or commercial activities, tourism and social or family visit. This type of visa is valid for multiple entries to Indonesia for a period of 1 (one) year starting on the first date of arrival in Indonesia with no more than 60 days of stay per visit.

Process : Visa will be issued within 4 (four) working days.

Fee: OMR. 42.200 (cash payment only)


1. Fill out the application form (available in the Embassy or download here);

2. Original Passport;

3. Copy of the passport passport (and visa if you are a foreigner in Oman);

4. Copy of ID card;

5. Bank Statement from the last 6 months;

6. NOC Letter from the sponsor in Sultanate of Oman;

7. Letter from the sponsor in Indonesia;

8. 2 (two) photos with white background ( 3x4 or 4x6);

9. Marriage Certificate (for family visit purpose only).