Five Indonesian Traditional Dances Take a Part in The 780 Years Anniversary of Parish of Santa Maria

Telek dance of Bali, Cakil, Gatot Koco, Peacock, and Betawi Mask had enliven the celebration of the Parish of Santa Maria in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Sunday (17/2) afternoon.
A variety colours of the dancer clothes, the graceful movement, and the accompaniment music that was quite alien to the audience made them the center of attention.
That is why after staging most of the audience approached the dancers and staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City to seeking for more information about Indonesia's culture as well as taking pictures together.
The Embassy participation on several events, including the performance of traditional dances in Guadalajara, is the continuation efforts to introduce and promote understanding of Mexican society about Indonesia, a mega-diversity country, that are separated by a distance but it feels as if "just a smiley away from Mexico." (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City)