Foreign Research Permit

According to Government Decree No. 41/2006, effective since 15 December 2007, official permits for foreign researchers pursuing research activities in Indonesia will be issued by the State Ministry for Research and Technology. 

Application for the research permit should be completed with all requirements as follow:

  1. FA formal letter addressed to The State Ministry of Research and Technology, a copy of which is addressed to the Indonesian Representative abroad where the researcher will obtain the visa.

  2. A research proposal which contains at least: title, abstract, objectives, methodology, location, and duration of the research in Indonesia.

  3. A copy of the researcher’s passport which must be valid until six months after the completion of the proposed research.

  4. Curriculum vitae (CV) of the researcher(s).

  5. 4 (four) recent close-up photographs (4x6 cm).

  6. 2 (two) letters of recommendation from: [a] professor or researcher supervisor and [b] official of the institution or university where the researcher(s) employed.

  7. A recommendation letter from a related Indonesian representative abroad.

  8. Letter(s) of support from Indonesian counterpart(s).

  9. Health certificate from a doctor stating that the researcher is physically and mentally in good condition to conduct the research.

  10. A letter guaranteeing sufficient fund to cover research and living expenses during conducting research in Indonesia.

  11. A list of research equipments will be brought to Indonesia, with brief technical specification and estimated value for each equipment.

  12. If researcher plans to bring his/her spouse and children, he/she must also submit a copy of marriage certificate, children birth certificate(s), copies of his/her family passports, and 4 (four) recent close-up photographs of each family member.Please sent your completed application to:

Sekretariat Perizinan Peneliti Asing 
Kementerian Negara Riset dan Teknologi
Gedung BPPT II, Lantai 8 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 8, Jakarta 10340
Email : frp@ristek.go.i​d

First Step is to obtain Letter of recommendation from Indonesian Representative abroad), please submit:

     Please address your inquiry along with the following attachments to

    1. A formal letter of request to undergo study in Indonesia;

    2. A copy of detailed research proposal/course taken;

    3. A copy of the most recent student's curriculum vitae (CV);

    4. Two letters of recommendation, from your current university and the university in Indonesia;

    5. Letter(s) of acceptance from Indonesian Counterpart (an Indonesian academic institution and/or a Research Centre);

    6. A copy of the Student's passport.

For further inquiry in this matter, please directly contact Attaché for Education and Culture at Indonesian Embassy in Canberra (via email).

Next step is to apply foreign research permit.
General requirements :
All requirements below are based on the current official regulations for Foreign Researchers.

  1. A formal letter of request to do research in Indonesia, a copy of which is addressed to the Indonesian Representative abroad (e.g. Indonesian Ambassador, Consul General, or Consul). This letter should explicitly state the address of the Indonesian Representative from which the researcher will obtain the visa. If this address is not given, it can cause delays in some cases.
  2. A copy of detailed research proposal, which should has a title, stated objectives, and description of the methodology and concepts. It must clearly state the locations where field research will be done. If the work is to be done from one or more field stations, please indicate which one will be the Research Base Station.
  3. A copy of the researcher's curriculum vitae (CV) including a list of publications. For applications with multiple number of researchers, each researcher must submit his /her CV.
  4. Two letters of recommendation, one from a professor or equivalent senior researcher in the researcher's discipline and the other from an official of the researcher's home institute or university.
  5. Letter(s) of acceptance from Indonesian Counterpart (an Indonesian academic institution and/or a Research Centre).
  6. A letter guaranteeing sufficient funds to cover research and living expenses in Indonesia and fees for the Indonesian Counterpart(s).
  7. Health certificate from a medical doctor stating that the researcher is in good health, both physically and mentally, to carry out research in Indonesia.
  8. A letter of recommendation from an Indonesian Representative abroad.
  9. Four recent red background passport size (4x6 cm) photographs, and two copies of 2x3 cm size photographs.
  10. A copy of the researcher's passport. Note: the passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of completing research in Indonesia.
  11. A list of the equipment brought to Indonesia, if any, to support the research. The value of these equipment should be stated in US dollar.
  12. If a researcher plans to bring his/her spouse and children to Indonesia, the researcher must submit a copy of marriage certificate, spouse's curriculum vitae, children's birth certificate, four recent photographs of each family member and a copy of his/her family's passports.

For more information please go to Please follow the procedure stated in that website and provide all the required documents.