List of Nationals for calling visa

Pursuant to Decree from Department of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, hereby we announce that citizens whom countries listed as follow:

  • Afghanistan
  • Cameroon
  • Guinea 
  • Israel
  • Liberia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Somalia

are obliged to obtain a clearance from Indonesian authority prior to a visa issuance. Indonesian Consulate General requires minimum 1 (one) months to process the application from the listed nationals in this regard.


Calling Visa application requires special authorization from Directorate General of Immigration. All application will be forwarded to Indonesia via tellex and will not be issued until our Consulate received notification from immigration authorities.

Immigration tellex authorisation is AU$10,- and non-refundable

Calling Visa fee is AU$70,- and non-refundable in case the application rejected by immigration authorities or withdrawn by the applicant.

All applications are subject to approval. Submission of a visa application does not necessarily mean that a visa will be granted.