Company Reference Letter

The procedures to get legalization and reference letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia are as follows:

You are required to submit these documents:​

​1. Supplier/Distributor Agreement letter/Supplier Agreement (any letter that shows the “Special Relationship" between both   companies).
  • To be legalized by Embassy and has to be notarized(authentication) by DFAT- Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia prior submitting the document to the Embassy
​2. Statement/Request Letter to the Embassy (describes a brief relationship between two companies and lists the range of HS Code/Tariff products involved)
  • This letter mentioning/stating the item/product section list in 4 digits Harmonized Number.
  • To be made by the Indonesian Company with a stamp duty (materai)​
​3. Company and product profiles, Certificate of Registration of a Company. (the Australian Company)
​4. The administrative fees of A$175 per agreement with bank cheque or money order, payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and A$175 for the reference letter.

​5. Self-addressed return express mail envelope ​​( A4 size )

Once completed, we will legalize the documents and issue a reference letter for you as a supporting document. Please note that this will take 5 working days from the completion of documents.

Note: For those companies who have the Distribution Agreement/Letter of Appointment stamped previously by the Indonesian Embassy/Consular in Australia, you will only need to do the step no 2, 4 and 5.