Trade Shows Feira Internacional de Maputo (FACIM) 50th, Maputo, 25-31 August 2014



FACIM 50th organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Promotion Institute (IPEX) Mozambique has been taking place in Maputo on 25 to 31 August 2014. The official opening of the 50th FACIM made ??by President Armando Guebuza and closure by Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina.

As the largest annual exhibition in Mozambique, the show is filled with exhibits FACIM products from various industry sectors including agriculture, transport, communications, tourism, energy and manufacturing industries as well as organizing seminars and business meeting involving employers Mozambique, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Indonesian exhibition opening
 Indonesia Pavilion at FACIM k-50

Carrying more than 2000 participants participating exhibitors, including 480 foreign participants from South Africa, Brazil, China, Ghana, Italy, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Swaziland, Tanzania, Turkey , Zambia and Indonesia.

Products Indonesia on display
Indonesia's Products Products Exhibited 

Indonesia's participation in the 50th FACIM is coordinated by the Embassy in Maputo that open platforms and exhibit a variety of Indonesian products in the form of examples and brochures received, among others, of PT Indofood, PT Pikoli, PT KMI Wire and Cable TBK, PT Wings, PT Dynea Senses, PT Total Chemindo Loka, CV Joey Snack and others. PT Indofood has sent a staff member who had the opportunity to perform a variety of business meetings with the Mozambican businessman partner.

Indonesia Pavilion
 Public interest of Mozambique who visited Indonesia Pavilion
Based on data from IPEX, the number of participants exhibitors and visitors in the 50th FACIM It has increased over the previous year. Special pavilion Indonesia, the interest of visitors seemed relatively large, which is derived from the African country of Mozambique and southern regions.