Implementation of the 2014 Presidential Election Voting TPSLN Embassy in Maputo



Monday, July 7th, 2014

Election ballot for President and Vice President in 2014 has been implemented in TPSLN Embassy in Maputo dated July 4, 2014 at 08.00 until 18.00 Time Maputo.

Sound booth TPSLN Embassy in Maputo

The voting process begins with filling the attendance list in accordance voters list (DPT) to obtain the serial number of the voting queue.

Voters fill out the list of attendees to get the serial number

After getting the serial number, voter wait time dialing polling place that has been provided by the committee.
Mr. Ambassador of Indonesia in Maputo and Mrs.'m waiting time Ballot

After the serial number mentioned by the committee, voters can take ballots in committee by checking the state of the ballots were still clean and without damage.

Voters are showing that Ballots in state b aik

After completing the ballot, voters enter the ballot into the ballot box which is sealed and locked.

Indonesian Ambassador to Maputo will include voice mail box to flare a

Mrs. Ambassador of Indonesia will enter the ballot box to flare a

Once created to vote, the voter is given the finger ink marks on fingernails as a sign that voters have to vote and could not do the voting for the second time.

Markings on the fingers with ink on every Election h
Similarly, a series of events Election ballot for President and Vice President in 2014 at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia TPSLN diMaputo, Mozambique.