Visa-Free for Diplomats

List of countries with Visa Free for Diplomatic & Service/Official Passport Holder

 The  following national may enter Indonesia for official purpose (non-posting) with length of stay. 

1.Austria30 days
2.Azerbaijan30 days
3.Brazil14-30 days
4.Bulgaria30 days
5.Ecuador14-30 days
6.India30 days
7.Iran14-30 days
8.Cambodia14 days
9.Democratic People's Republic of Korea14 days
10.Republic of Korea14 days
11.Croatia14 days
12.Cuba14 days 
13.Laos14 days
14.Mongolia30 days
15.Myanmar14 days
16.Paraguay30 days
17.Peru30 days
18.People's Republic of China30 days
19.Russia14-90 days
21. Turkey14 days
22.Tunisia30-60 days
23.Thailand30 days
24.Vietnam14 days
25.Slovakia30 days
26.Sri Lanka30 days
27.Switzerland30 days
28.Slovenia30 days
29.Belarus30 days
30.Bosnia Herzegovina30 days
31.Suriname30 days
32.Argentina30 days
33.Pakistan30 days
34.Macedonia30 days
35.United Arab Emirates30 days
36.Kazakhstan30 days
37.Portugal30 days
38.Bangladesh30 days
39.Kyrgyzstan30 days
40.Hongaria30 days
41.Afghanistan30 days
42.Colombia30 days
43.Venezuela30 days
44.Poland30 days
45.France30 days
46.Democratic Republic of Timor Leste30 days


Perfectly a good condition and valid passport minimum six months at the time of arrival in Indonesia. 

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