Journalist Visa

​​​​​The visa is issued for journalistic activities and non-commercial movie making with approval of Indonesian concerned authorities.


1.          Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months at the time of arrival in Indonesia. 

2.          Photocopy of passport.

3.          Complete the visa application form : Visa Application Form.pdf

4.          Complete the curriculum vitae form : Curriculum Vitae Form.pdf

5.          Two coloured recent photographs (white background) size 4 x 6 cm.

6.          Sponsor letter from company which explains:

             1. The purpose of journalistic visit.

              2. Places to be visited/covered.

              3. The date/schedule of filming/coverage

              4. Information on the broadcasting period.

7.          Copy of Hotel booking/accommodation, if applicble.

8.          Booking/Itinerary/Flight Schedule.

9.          Evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover the cost of applicant's intended stay in Indonesia (Bank Statement with a minimum balance of USD. 1,500.00).

10.          Company profile.

11.          Synopsis or background information/story of the planned production.

12.          List of production crew members travelling for the visit and their positions.

13.           A letter from a local partner.

14.           List of resource persons or interviewees and/or organizations.

15.           Tentative agenda in Indonesia (detailed timetable and locations).

16.          A signed statement of the list of equipment to be-re-exported to the Philippines.

17.          Photocopy of Valid Visa and ACR-IC (for foreigners who are permanent resident of the Philippines).

18.          Written approval of Indonesian authority related.


Visa fee: Php. 2,600.00. and Php. 200.00 (Services fee for the Immigration Information System)


Effective January 2, 2019, The Embassy only Receives payment in Manager's Check from Any Bank in the Philippines and payable to : RPL 018 KEDUBES RI MANILA UNTUK PNBP​​