Attaché of Education and Culture in Manila Activities at June, 28th-2018

Attaché of Education and Culture in Manila organizes a speech and story competition, also the closing of Indonesian Language class for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) entitled Indonesian Language Speech Contest, Folklore, & Closing Ceremony of Indonesian Language Class. The event was attended by representatives from University of Philippines, Philippines Normal University, Ateneo University, and Philippines Woman University which amounted to approximately 30 people.

 The event was opened by Mrs. DCM (Deputy Chief of Mission) Mrs. Budi Dhewajani, and continued by a speech from Attaché of Education and Culture, Mrs. Lili Nurlaili. As well as reports from lecturer of BIPA Mrs. Rizki Ramadhani.

The event continued with a speech competition and storytelling competition and the event was closed with the submission of a graduation certificate for BIPA participants from several universities.

The speech contest was participated by 1 (one) participant by the name of Abdulwahid Hadhi Gafar Panganting who is the representative of University of Philippines (UP), and storytelling was followed by 1 (one) participant by the name of Iza Donna R. Togbo who is representative of Philippines Women University (PWU).

The winner of the speech contest was Abdulwahid Hadhi Gafar Panganting won a total score of 95.33 While the winner of storytelling contest was Iza Donna R. Togbo won the total value of 88, 33. The total score of both participants was obtained from the assessment of 3 (three) judges, namely Mrs. Rizky Ramadhani as a lecturer of BIPA, Mrs. Lili Nurlaili as Attaché of Education and Culture in Manila, and Mr. Agus as Function of social, culture, and information at the Indonesian Embassy in Manila.

The activity is continued with the granting of graduation certificate to the participants of Bahasa Indonesia Foreign Speakers (BIPA) by the Attaché of Education and Culture, and was held on the evening at 7 pm. Certificates that submitted to BIPA participants who attended amounted to approximately 15 people, who have attended the lessons for about 10 times and passed by the Indonesian Teachers.

During the event we held a mini game that included the participants to enliven the events and increase the spirit of participants.