What's on in Bahrain


What's on in Bahrain


Tourist and Leisure Attractions:

Full and half-day sightseeing tours of Bahrain, 9am-5pm, Farhat International Tours and Travels, Manama. Contact 36313142 or 17216411, email sales@farhat-tours.com or visit www.farhat-tours.com .

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, 10am-9pm. Tickets BD15 for people above 1.2m, BD5 for others. Contact 17845100.

Dolphin watch trips, boat trips, 9am-5pm, Al Dar Island beach resort, off Sitra Coast. Contact 17704600 or visit www.al-darislands.com .

Dolphin watch and sightseeing boat trips from Marina Club, Manama, 10am, midday, 2pm and 4pm. Call Island Tours on 17294439 or 39693755.

Wahooo! water park, 11am-8pm, Bahrain City Centre, Seef. Entry BD10 for people over 1.2m tall, BD6 for others, BD3 for children under three, guardian pass BD4. Call 17173000 or visit www.wahoo.com .bh for weekly schedule.

Ahmad Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque) visit programme, 9am-4pm. Visits are closed during prayer times. No prior appointments needed unless big groups or special arrangements are required. Contact Farahat Al Kindy on 17727773, 39734440 or fax 17729695.

Beit Shaikh Isa (Shaikh Isa House), Muharraq, 8am-2pm. Entrance 200 fils. Contact 17334945.

Bahrain National Museum, 8am-8pm. Entrance 500 fils for adults and free to children aged under 12 years. Contact 17298777.

Al Kurar House for traditional handicrafts Muharraq. 8am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Contact 17320955 or 17322549.

Iqra'a Children's Library, Muharraq. 8am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Contact 17320955 or 17322549.

Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve, 9am-1pm. Entrance BD1 adults, 500 fils children. Contact 17845444.

Full and half-day tours of Bahrain, 8am onwards. Contact 36654246 or 77080111 or e-mail aradous.tours@gmail.com .



Salsa classes, 8.30pm, Latin Quarter, Pars International Hotel, Juffair. Contact 39865464.

Preparatory and primary ballet, 3pm-4pm, Victoria Dance at Bodyline, Saar. Grade three ballet, 4pm-5pm, junior modern jazz, 4pm-5pm, grade four ballet, 5pm-6pm, classical award 1 ballet, 6pm-7pm. Contact 39876215 or e-mail victoriadancebodyline@hotmail.com .

Moms and tots 2.45pm-3.30pm, Pre-primary ballet 3.30pm-4.15pm, grade 2 ballet 4.15pm-5.15pm, grade 3 ballet 5.15pm-6.15pm, grade 5 ballet 6.15pm-7.15pm. Contact 17693232 or email bahrainballetcentre@hotmail.com .

Irish dancing for beginners aged six to seven years, for eight to 10 year olds, 4.30pm, Karate, 5.30pm, Bahrain Ballet Centre, Budaiya. Babies ballet, 3pm, pre-primary ballet, 3.45pm, grade 4 ballet, 4.30pm, Marina Club, Manama. Contact 17693232 or e-mail: bahrainballetcentre@hotmail.com .

Latin mix dance classes, 8am, 9am, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, Latin Dance Studio, Coral Beach Club, Manama. Chidlren's dance class, 5pm. Salsa starters, 6pm. Contact 33889821 or e-mail latin.dance.studio@hotmail.com .

Culture, arts and crafts:

Origami classes for children aged seven and above, 9am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Contact 38321523 for location in Hoora.

Albareh Art Gallery, 10am-8pm Adliya. Contact 17717707 or visit www.albareh.com .

Drawing and painting classes for adults and children, 10am-12pm, L'Atelier Art Lounge, Country Mall, Budaiya. Contact 17599030.

Paint your own pottery, 9.30am-6pm, Studio Ceramics, off Budaiya Highway. Contact 17599026.

Ella Art Gallery, Adliya, 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm; classes in oil painting, pastels, watercolour, and acrylic. Call 17292815 or 39073299 or visit www.ellagallery.com .

Saudi artist Faisal Samra's private gallery, House 64, Road 4102, Block 341, Juffair. Open to the public by appointment only. Contact Mr Samra on 39645994 or e-mail szsamra1@batelco.com .bh .

The Craft Industries Development Centre, 7am-2pm, Isa Al Kabeer Avenue, opposite Police Fort, Manama. Contact 17254688.

National Industries Exhibition, 7.30am-1.30pm, Industry and Commerce, Seef. Contact 17564170 or 17564171.

Permanent stamps exhibition, Postal Directorate, Transportation Ministry, 7am-2pm. Contact 17523403 or e-mail stamp@bahrain.gov.bh .

Jasra Handicrafts Centre, 8am-2pm, Jasra Village, near the late Amir HH Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa's birthplace. Entrance free. Contact 17611900.

Beit Al Jasra (Al Jasra House), Al Jasra village, towards the King Fahad Causeway, 8am-2pm. Entrance 200 fils. Contact 17611454.

Saar Islamic Centre Mosque, by prior appointment only, contact 17727773 or fax 17729695.

Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research, Muharraq. Opening hours are from 9am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Contact 17322549.

Mohammed Bin Faris Music House, Muharraq. Opening hours are from 8am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Contact 17322549 or 36619038.

Children's scrapbooking and papercraft classes, Adults card-making, 9am-4pm, Celebrations for Art, Budaiya. Contact 17595791.

Group and individual art and design classes for adults and groups at private gallery, Saar. Contact 39922642 or email Marianne.pasmans@gmail.com for appointments.


Sports, fitness and well-being:

Tennis training, 5.30pm, contact tennisinbahrain@gmail.com for location.

Children's swimming classes, 2pm-4pm, Tae Kwon Do, 6pm-10pm, Zumba classes, 5.30pm-6.30pm, Gulf Air Club, Salmabad. Contact 17780087 or 17872080.

Women's aqua aerobics 9am, children's swimming lessons 4.30pm, mixed six-pack super abs 6.30pm, mixed tae kwon do, 7pm, Royal Country Club, Riffa. Contact 17750777 or 17751264.

Breast development and shaping through yoga and massage without side effects or medication, 8am to 4pm. Contact 39575796 for location in Juffair.

Herbal massage, 9am-11pm, Yas Body Care, Riffa. Contact 17491958 or 39776882.

Therapeutic massage, hand and foot reflexology. Contact 39015776, 39694138 for location in East Riffa.

Swimming training, 5pm-6pm, Metropolitan Hotel, Hoora. Contact Avijeet on 36791629.

Swimming training, 5pm-6pm, Ramee Baisan International Hotel, Hoora. Contact Aakshay on 38853919.

Lawn tennis coaching, 2pm onwards. Contact 38341435 for location.

Private pilates training by US qualified instructor, 8am-6pm. Contact 39611396 for location in Saar.

Coaching for transition and change, parenting, study and work ethics, re-branding yourself, fulfilment, networking, plus psychometric profiling and university applications, 9am-8pm. Contact 39084708 or e-mail clare@beckett-mcinroy.com .

Personality and ability assessments to help identify and measure the critical skills needed for success in work and life. Contact 39407129 between 6pm and 9pm for location in Saar.

Reflexology for women, 4pm-9pm. Contact 39199372 for location off Kuwait Avenue.

Yoga, 10am-11am and 7pm-8pm, Telugu Kala Samithi, Adliya. Contact 39881232.

Co-creative life coaching for personal, professional, and marital success, 10am-6pm, JeMeUno International, Seef. Appointments required. Call 33181880 or 17822500 or e-mail coachjeme@jemeuno.com .

Pilates on stability ball with Stott Pilates instructor trainer and yoga teacher Roberta Trzebinski, 8.30am, Studio RCT, Orchid's Dream, Sanabis. Pilates on equipment, 10am, Kundalini Yoga with Fateh Pree Kaur, 6pm, Yoga-fit-lates, 7pm. Contact 39445816 or visit www.pilatesbahrain.webeden.co.uk .

Women's fitness training classes, 10am, 2pm and 7pm, Yahoo Health Club, Middle East Hotel, Manama. Men's bodybuilding and fitness, 5am-12pm and 2pm-11pm. Contact 39079142 or 17251777.

Pool and snooker coaching with European Billiard and Snooker Association master coach, 12.30pm-midnight. Contact 39778367 for location.

Women's fitness programme, 7.30am-1pm and 3pm-7.30pm, Curves Women's Fitness Centre, Budaiya. Contact 17691496.

Yoga classes for men and women, Marina Club, Manama, 6.30pm-8pm, Yoga classes only for women, Aseel Saloon, Riffa, 12pm-1.30pm. Contact Aruna on 39052254.

Nia, Body Vive, 8.30am, World Beat Fitness Centre, Janabiya. Body balance, 9.30am. Moms and babies yoga (newborn to walking) 10.30am. Karate kids beginners, 4.30pm, karate kids advanced, 5.30pm, belly dancing beginners, adults karate, 6.30pm. Contact 17612576.

Aerobics, 4.30pm and 5.30pm, Pineapple Spa, Manama. Circuit training, 1.15pm, indoor cycling, 8.30am and 3.30pm. Contact 17712000.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation course, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, Telugu Kala Samithi, Adliya, Free admission. Contact 39067465 or 17822042.

Fitness boot camp, 8.30am, 6.30pm, the Studio, Janabiya. Contact 39844193.

Ezfit Sports Complex, Budaiya. Aerobics, 10.30am. Contact 17692378.

Soccertots indoor football coaching with coach Adil for three to four-year-olds, 3pm-4pm, Ezfit Sports Complex, Budaiya. For five to six-year-olds, 4pm-5pm, for seven to nine-year-olds, 5pm-6pm. Contact 36682135.

Corniche beach class, 6.30am, ladies tai chi, 10.30am-noon, Bahrain Tai Chi and Wushu Centre, Juffair. Little kung fu, 4.30pm, kung fu kids 5.30pm, junior kung fu, 6.30pm, bagua, 8pm. Contact 17825667, 36437931 or visit www.bahraintaichi.com .

Drop-in meditation course, 7pm-7.30pm, Bahrain Meditation Centre, Adliya. Contact 17712545.

Aqua aerobics, yoga, step, sculpt, spinning, pilates, bums and tums, belly dance classes, 7.30am-9pm, Bodyline, Saar. Contact 17793932.

Yoga, ladies only 10am-11am, mixed class, 7pm-8pm, Bayoga, Juffair. Contact 17725027.

Therapeutic and relaxation massage, 8am-11pm, Indian Ayurvedic Medical Centre, Mahooz. Free consultation, 8am-1pm and 4pm-9pm. Contact 17722060 or 17720780.

Professional qualified and experienced personal life training for children, teens and adults, 6am onwards, Life-Fit Personal Training, Budaiya. Contact 33001261, e-mail info@lifefit-bahrain.com or visit www.lifefit-bahrain.com .

Yoga for women, 8am-11am and 6pm-7pm. Contact 39575796 for location in Juffair.

Clubs and societies:

Classical dance classes, 8pm-9pm, Kerala Catholic Association, Segaiya. Karate classes, 7.30pm-9.30pm. Contact 36076553.

Bahrain Toastmasters Club weekly meeting, 7.30pm-9.30pm, Mercure Grand Hotel, Seef. Contact 39217446 or visit www.bahraintoastmasters.org .

Playgroup for children aged two to four years old, 9am-12pm, Amwaj Islands. Contact Dr Anne Mostafa on annemostafa@live.com .

Ladies sewing group, 10am, Dilmun Club, Saar. Mothers and Babies group. 9.30am-11.30am. Contact 17690926.

Cooking and culinary classes for all cuisines for students, housewives and housemaids 8am to 1pm and 3pm-7pm, Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail, Barbar. Contact 17698726 or 36405506.

Keyboard, guitar, tabla, drums, violin, light and Carnatic music, drawing and painting, clay modelling, cinematic and classical dance, karate, yoga and chess classes, 4pm-8pm, Kalabhavan Music and Arts Training Centre, Adliya. Contact 17717271 or 17717017.

Little Bundles, 9.15am-10am, Tiny Tykes, Waddlers 10.15am-11.15am, My Gym Children's Fitness Centre, Seef. Play Date, 11.15am-12.15pm, 3pm-4pm, Terrific Tots, 4pm-5pm. Contact 17566566.

Brain Body Dynamics, 9am-5pm, Budaiya. Contact 17592661 or 39246544 for information.

Library (members only) 10am-7pm, British Club, Adliya. Circuit training, 9am-10am and 6pm-7pm, Tots and Toddlers, 10am-12pm. Contact 17728245.

Enrichment classes for children, Bright Beginnings, Adliya. Dance, 3.30pm-4.15pm. Contact 17710405.

Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) sanctuary, Shakhura, 9am-5pm. Those interested in adopting pets, walking dogs or volunteering, contact 17591231. Rescued animals will be accepted 24 hours a day.

Interdenominational Women's Fellowship, National Evangelical Church, 9.30am. Contact 17242578.

Rivers of Joy, prayer meet, 7pm, contact 36687189 for location in Budaiya.

Alcoholics Anonymous, American Mission Hospital, 7.30pm. Meeting for families and friends of alcoholics, 8pm. Contact 17530020, 39434200 or visit www.aainarabia.com .

Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) Thrift Shop, 6, Busheri Gardens, near Budaiya, 9am-noon. Contact 17593479.



Morning and evening Spanish classes, intensive courses, workshops, Shaikh Ebrahim Centre Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research, Muharraq. Contact 38396273 or e-mail wantolearnspanish@gmail.com .

General English classes for children, juniors, 4pm-5.30pm, seniors, 5.30pm-7.30pm, Beit Al Taleem English Language Institute, A'ali. Contact 17643199.

General English language courses, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT preparation, language classes for young learners and adults, 8am-9pm, American Cultural and Educational Centre, Juffair. Contact 17729997.

English, Maths, Latin, Creative Writing up to GCSE and AS Level, UK Common Entrance 11+ 13+ exam preparation for individuals and groups by graduate tutors at Oxford or Cambridge University level, IDRIS Tuition, Budaiya. Personal statements for school and university entrance, exam technique and interview practice. Contact 33771234.

Young learners and adults English, Arabic and Spanish language classes for advanced and beginners levels, 3pm, Lingo-Ease, Al Nasir Garden, Budaiya. Adults classes, 5.30pm. Gulf conversation classes for adult beginners, 6pm-7pm, elementary, 7.15pm, English for beginners, 6.25pm, Spanish for beginners, 6.30pm. Contact 17590895 or 39102997.

English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Farsi, Japanese and Chinese classes, 8am-8.45pm. Berlitz Language Centre, Adliya. Contact 17827847.

British Council, 8.30am-7.30pm, Khamis. Contact 17261555.

Morning and evening French classes for children and adults. Contact the Alliance Franaise de Bahrein on 17683295 for further details. Resource Centre and Library, 9am-1pm and 3pm-9pm.

English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Farsi, Japanese and Chinese classes, 8am-8pm. Berlitz Language Centre, Budaiya. Contact 17694233.

Certified professional practitioner courses with the International Institute for Personal and Professional Transformations including diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, CBT, EFT and Meridian therapies, biofeedback and breathing therapy. Accelerated learning for adults and children. Contact 39667623.

Useful Numbers:

Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society hotline for missing three-year-old Bader Jawad Hussain Mubarak, 17536222.

Police, fire and ambulance 999.

Coastguard 17700000.

Traffic and accidents 17688888.

General Directorate of Traffic inquiries hotline 17872287 or 199, switchboard 17872222. For more information on traffic procedures visit www.traffic.gov.bh .

Weatherline 17236236.

Electricity and Water Ministry application hotline 17241111 or 17814111.

Medical appointments, drug prices and information on services offered by the Health Ministry visit www.moh.gov.bh .

Flight information and timetables on 17339339 or visit www.bahrainairport.com .

Information on post, civil aviation, telecommunications and public transport visit www.transportation.gov.bh .

Labour Ministry's inspection hotline 17870176, people trafficking hotline 17870196.

General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residence hotline for passports, ID card, visa and residence permit queries 17399777. Issuing tourist or business visa on www.evisa.gv.bh .

Recycling points information site, www.recyclepointsbh.com or e-mail Jameela Mohanna at info@recyclepoints.bh .com .

For smart card application and queries call 17878019 or visit www.smartcard.gov.bh .

Stocks and shares updates on Bahrain Bourse visit www.bahrainbourse.com .

Information on conferences and exhibitions at Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre on 17558802 or visit www.bahrainexhibitions.com .

Be Free Anti-Child Abuse and Neglect Centre, Zinj. Visit www.be-free.info or call 17242415.

General information on Bahrain, visit www.clickbahrain.com .



Airport, 17260208.

Government Avenue, 17223496.

Speedy Motors, 17682999.

London Taxi Company, 17466262.

Bahrain Limo, 17266266.