An Indonesian passport with have 24 pages is currently valid for 3 year can be extended for another 2 years and a passport with have 48 pages valid for 5 years and cannot be extended. In September 1994, the Government of Indonesia changed the format of its "travel document in lieu of a passport" or "surat perjalanan laksana passpor". This document is now a passport type booklet consisting of sixteen pages with the bearer's photo and biographic data appearing on page one. It is light green in color with gold embossed writing. This document may be valid for a period of up to two years and can be considered a passport for visa issuing purposes. This document is usually issued to Indonesians who are going abroad to work, often as domestic employees or laborers. It may also be issued to persons who lose their passports overseas or in lieu of passports by immigration officers in remote areas of Indonesia, which are temporarily out of regular passport booklets. All previous versions of the "surat perjalanan laksana paspor" are considered no longer valid. There is also a travel document entitled "Paspor Untuk Orang Asing" (passport for alien) issued to a stateless permanent resident of Indonesia. This document is usually valid for one year, (although it may be issued valid for two years in certain cases, e.g. students) and may not be extended outside Indonesia. It is often endorsed good for travel to certain countries only.