Kunjungan Jurnalistik

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Foreign journalists with intention to do news coverage, news photo, or other form of journalist visits in Indonesia must first apply for a permit before applying journalist visa.


  • Submit an official letter with company letterhead, addressed to the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia. The letter should state the purpose, place and date of the coverage, plan of publication and release, and name, address, and contact number of local partner/media colleague in Indonesia (must be an Indonesian citizen).
  • Provide your company profile.
  • Provide list of interviewee or reference of the coverage and approval letter from the interviewee.
  • Provide sample of previous works on Indonesia (if any). Please provide the link or send it in a media (DVD or USB storage).
  • The submitted documents are subject to review from the Consulate General of Indonesia in Los Angeles and, if necessary, the Consulate may conduct an interview with the applicant.
  • The reviewed documents will be submitted to related institutions in Jakarta, who will decide on the status of permit application.
  • Upon receiving information of the permit application status, the Consulate will notify the applicant. If the application is approved, the Consulate must first receive formal permit approval and visa authorization from Jakarta before the applicant can initiate the journalist visa application procedure at the Consulate General of Indonesia in Los Angeles. Please note, to avoid any delay, the applicant's local partner may process the visa authorization to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Jakarta.

If you have any questions, please call us at +1 (213) 383-5126 ext 213, or send email to social.culture@indonesianconsulatela.org.