Business Plan Competition



Business plan competition for Indonesian citizen who are living in the United States of America and wish to start their own business in Indonesia. This program is initiative by MEKAR Entrepreneur Network and partnering with Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia Washington DC, USA which aim to boost the numbers of entrepreneurs as key pillar of economic development in Indonesia.

Technical Details of the Competition

A.         The first Business Plan Competition that connects Indonesian entrepreneurs in USA with Indonesian investors in Indonesia

B.         Open for:

            -           Indonesian (individuals/group)

            -           Resides in USA

            -           18 years old and above

C.         2 Categories:

            -           High tech

            -           Low tech

            Startup or Early Growth

 D.        How to participate:

            1.         Register online

            2.         Submit a "concept paper"

            3.         If selected, submit a Business Plan & Fact Sheet




E.         Selection process:

            1.         Evaluation of Concept Paper - by Mekar

            2.         Evaluation of BP & FS - by Mekar

            3.         Evaluation of BP, FS & Pitch - by Mekar


F.         Evaluation criterias:

            1.         Innovativeness

            2.         Marketability

            3.         Profitability

G.         Timeline:

1.      Participant should be registered at and submit concept paper latest by November 18, 2011

2.      Judges will select concept papers and will be announced on November 25, 2011.

3.      The participants with selected concept paper should submit business plan and fact sheet latest by December 16, 2011

4.      The Finalist will be selected from 10 qualified business plan and will be announced in January  2012

5.      The Winners announcement will be in January 2012

For further information please contact to Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC at +1 202-775-522 or send an email to, , or